Gift Ideas For Your Macho Buddy Who Loves Cars

    It is less than a month before the holidays. I am sure that you are already finalizing your list of people who will receive gifts from you. It is always better to give gifts that people actually want and care about. 

    It is also quite helpful to start your holiday shopping now while the sales are going on. Popular gift items can get more and more expensive and may be out of stock as the holidays approach.

    Planning to give a gift to your car loving buddy? The one you’ve spent countless days going on roadtrips with? Whatever car adventures you’ve had together, it never hurts to surprise your car obsessed buddy with a special gift.

    Here are some gift ideas for you.

    JBL Two-Way Component Speaker

    One of the best car speakers money can buy, the JBL Two Way Component Speaker System is a must have for anyone who enjoys a long drive. Through it, they can blast their favourite tunes on loop. It is a strong and efficient sound system capable of delivering 270 watts of power. 

    The speakers produce a deep, clear sound amplified by its carbon composite frame that are not magnetic and guaranteed to last no matter how often or loud you use them.

    Puma Mercedes AMG Petronas Kart Cat III Shoes

    This is definitely one of those low key collaborations that will surely get your buddy’s friends’ attention. The Puma Mercedes AMG Petronas Kart Cat III Shoes is a delicate yet durable combination of two lifestyles: driving and running. These shoes give your feet that extra oomph wherever you drive.

    When you decide to pull over, they are also a great pair of shoes for walking or running on any terrain. The sneakers have the iconic Puma design as well as the Mercedes AMG branding framed by brake and power prints on the outsoles. It is surely one of the most unique “non-car” car gifts out there.

    Underglow + Interior Led Accent Light Kits | XKchrome Smartphone App

    Now, this is something that you need when you want to go all out for yourself or the car lover on your list. This might be what your buddy remembers as the best gift he received this year.

    The Underglow + Interior Led Accent Light Kits by give the impression that your car is hovering in mid air! Did you know that you can light up your interior, underglow, and wheel from a range of 16 million colors? That’s one million times sixteen!

    It is their most popular light kit in the 3rd generation with technology specifically designed for car accent lighting. That’s not all. It can also be controlled by an app on your smart phone that lights up to a theme of your choice, music sync, speed, and so much more! Trust me, your buddy’s car deserves the best gift and there is nothing that’s going to be better than this.

    The gifts that you give to loved ones should suit their tastes and interests. If you’re gifting a car owner, you’re sure to make them happy with a car maintenance service or any of the other ideas we discussed.


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