Why Men Should Always Care What They Look Like

    Public perception is initially based on a person’s physical appearance. Whether we like it or not, people judge us on how we look and how we carry ourselves. Exactly the same way people judge us if we don’t have a clean house. Looks do matter as appearance plays a role in the personality and confidence of a person. Hence, men’s grooming has become an art encompassing various details in fashion and beauty.

    Women take the lead in activities and in spending time and effort to perfecting their looks. Nevertheless, men have increasingly shown interest in beauty and personal appearances. The range of products for male grooming has widened and is continually increasing.

    Generally, if your appearance matters a lot to you, be ready to spend both time and money to look fabulously. Besides, the more time you devote to how you are looking – the less time you have to complete academic tasks if you’re studying. In such cases, don’t be afraid to ask for professional writing assistance at EssayPro, because your essays should be done by experts as well as your hairstyles, of course.

    Online resources discussing grooming are also available, helping men understand the right products for them and providing the know-how of viable beauty regimens. One such support is DapperMane, a site dedicated to providing information on the grooming of black men. It shares informative contents and reviews on lifestyle and grooming with dedicated topics on hair, body, beards, and shaving.

    But what is the cause of the continuous growth of the male grooming market?  What are the reasons that men are becoming conscious of how they look? Here are some of the few concepts.


    Studies on brain imaging show that the reward pathway of the brain is triggered at the sight of an attractive person. This outcome led to social psychologists to infer that people with good looks are more competent and confident. Thus, physical attractiveness has a positive effect on the psychological well-being of a person. Attractive people tend to have happier lives and lower depression rates.  

    Another paper that studied the relationship between beauty and the labour market, revealed that attractive individuals had more tendency to be hired, promoted and had higher salaries.  If this is true, then investing in our appearance, maybe what we need to ace that interview or for that much-awaited promotion. If you look good, you feel good about yourself. You exhibit health and vigour. And you resonate with the feeling that you deserve better.

    Status and Treatment

    Society tends to create an initial opinion of a person even before they start a conversation with them. Thus, the way you dress affects the default premise of people on you. Men who dress suitably get treated well as their clothing gives people the perception of their status. Try to observe your surroundings and compare how well-dressed men are served compared to their sloppier peers.

    And it’s not only on clothing, but your overall upkeep as well — people associate scents to other familiar aroma and feelings. Thus, your smell or the fragrance you choose has an impact on how people see and remember you. And if ever you want to catch a lady’s attention, it has been stated that scent is the most significant factor for attraction in women.

    Building Character

    Men who dress sharp resonates with the perfection they display in their attitude. Because of the detail entailed in maintaining their appearances, such as ironed shirts or properly shined shoes, men who dress well augments the habit of planning and organisation. They also tend to have a keen attention to detail. These habits then translate into their work and career.

    Dressing smart is also an advantage in the workplace. Imagine the possibilities that can happen in your day and identify if your appearance would be appropriate. Whether you are needed to attend a meeting or suddenly required to meet a client, a well-put-together outfit enables you to attend to these situations without the need for longer preparation time. Also, remember that what you wear represents you and your company. How you look identifies your level of professionalism.

    If you are looking to learn more about office dress codes check out this article on NeshNYC – The Complete Guide To Business Dress Codes for Men

    Colours and their Implication

    Did you know that the colours you select for your attire or your hair dye also says something about you? Colours convey different emotions and combining various colours reflects another mood. Although one must wear colours that complement the skin tone, it is also imperative to select the right assortment of colours for the occasion as you may be sending the wrong signal. 

    • Black signifies authority,
    • Brown is strength and stability, 
    • Blue for youth and reliability,
    • Green exhibits good mood, 
    • Purple implies sophistication, 
    • Red portrays passion and power,
    • Yellow and orange for happiness and fun,
    • Pink denotes femininity, 
    • White is simplicity, and 
    • Gray provides balance.

    In conclusion, men who dress attractively also feel the same. Knowing that you are presenting yourself well radiates confidence and a positive aura around. One must indeed be mindful of their looks to create a long-lasting impression. 


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