Vintage And Retro Style Outfit Ideas For Men

    People are starting to feel nostalgic for the old days; when the streets were less crowded and decency was everywhere you looked. Wearing vintage clothes is a way of reliving past cultures, but what can be considered vintage? It means wearing clothes that belong to long-gone eras and were made 20-100 years ago.

    You start to connect more to your ancestors by knowing how they lived. Their whole lives are a mystery to us and we expose ourselves to various cultures by educating ourselves and trying out what they used to do and wear.

    Reasons Why You Should Consider the Vintage Look

    The formal vintage look appealed to almost every man at some point of their lives. Well, there are good reasons for you to pursue wearing them. First of all, they are so cheap especially if you are buying them from a thrift shop, unlike the branded clothes that you buy for a huge amount of money.

    The shopping experience itself is different because of the shop’s owner welcoming attitude and that he mostly hand-picked all of the pieces in his store. You will also look more unique as there are not a lot of pieces that have the same pattern. Additionally, you indirectly save the Earth from more pollution that is caused by the clothing industry.

    How to Pick Vintage Outfits

    If you made your decision to go all vintagey, there are a lot of ideas on how to pick your clothes. You can choose the outfit idea that best fits your style and body type. Generally speaking, loose fit clothes with multiple pockets give off the retro-style look, along with high-waisted pants.

    Denim Never Dies

    I bet you have seen people wearing denim since mankind knew how to sew. A denim jacket with a white undershirt fits the picture you have in mind. We didn’t forget your shoes, because a pair of loafers will give you the stylish look you’re looking for. 

    Music-related Outfits

    Rock music is the kind of music that you cannot get out of your head. If you listen to it, you will not stop at only listening but you’ll dive deep into the history of the song and the band. Rock is a culture on its own and many retro-style clothes represent it, they were also sold as merchandise at concerts. 

    Military-based Outfits

    The military uniform became widely available in stores, especially the military patterned pants.  Vintage clothes stylists of came up with a collection of colorful T-shirts that fit our peaceful ideas about the army. Here is a chance for people who are fond of the army and always look for ways to show it.

    The Motorcycle Look 

    People wait for winter to wear black leather jackets and flashy sunglasses. Moreover, if you own a motorcycle then this will give you a reason to wear the helmet and the leather gloves. You’ll get to enjoy the warm breeze across your face while wearing your favorite outfit!

    Psychedelic Vintage Clothes

    The wild psychedelic look of the sixties appeals to people who are fond of the floral patterns. Furthermore, some patterns fit every taste with colorful colors that if you stared too long at, will buzz your mind! 

    Aristocratic Formal Outfit

    Did you look at your grandfather’s old picture and saw him wearing a vest? Back then, men wore suits with vests and suspenders. Nowadays, suspenders are gaining popularity along with a flat cap that has been seen throughout history.

    Re-styling Your Old Outfits

    You don’t have to be in a money shortage to make use of your wardrobe. A black striped T-shirt is always found in any man’s closet. Also, a polo shirt with a wide collar gives off the 80s vibe. You can complement these shirts with wide-legged pants and voila; the vintage outfit is ready for you!

    Knitted Sweater

    Remember when your grandmother used to sit by the flower place knitting a sweater? I bet you thought that it went out of fashion and that you will keep it hanging as a precious gift. Well, luckily for you, you can still wear it with a leather belt to get a retro-style look with your grandmother’s smell.

    Retro style clothes are affordable and easy to come by and you can show your truest self through them. Men are sometimes afraid of wearing the style that they like because of how judgemental society can get. Fortunately, we are growing more accepting of any style you desire. Here, you got to know that you are not alone in your passion, starting from the vintage simple look to the wild unisex outfits. 


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