Tips on How to Take Proper Care of Your Footwear So That They Last Longer

    Nothing lasts forever, however, many things can have long lifespans if well-taken care of. Your shoe choices are certainly no exception to this. Not only will taking good care of your shoes help make them both look as well as feel better, but it’ll also help you ensure those said shoes last longer.

    Furthermore, this will also eventually help you save a lot of money as well because you won’t have to keep buying new shoes time and time again. You really don’t have to spend your money and time looking for new pairs when all you need to do is take care of the ones you already have.

    Now, since you know that making your shoes last longer could mean more extra cash in your pocket, why not start doing everything you can to ensure the preservation of your shoe closet.

    Hereinbelow are a few ways on how you can properly take care of your shoes and make them last longer.

    1. Start with quality

    A good place one can begin is by starting to buy quality shoes. Many people can attest to the quality of the Giuseppe Zanotti shoes and spending your money on quality pieces such as these that rarely go out of style will allow you to create a wardrobe that can last quite a while and has a solid base.

    Once you’re done with this is when you can add cheaper, trendier pairs for maybe one or two seasons without feeling guilty. Quality investment pieces last longer because of better constructions and thicker fabrics. Decide how you’re going to utilize your footwear budget. Set aside some money for fun. Trendy items and then reserve a bit for high-quality footwear options that can last a very long time.

    2. Let your shoes breathe

    If you intend for your footwear to last you as long as they possibly can, always keep in mind to switch out your shoes often. Avoid using the same pair of shoes every day. Those of you that may have shoe fetishes shouldn’t find this too much of a problem because you probably have several pairs already.

    Anyway, feet usually sweat, so it is key to allow your shoes a bit of time to completely air out before you put them to use again or before you store them in a box or shoe closet. Also, giving them this time to breathe will help keep their shape intact as well. Oh, and don’t use shoes that are wet and also avoid storing wet shoes in your closet or shoe box. This also prevents fungal infections such as athlete’s foot, so that’s an added bonus.

    If you do suffer with sweaty feet and are looking for a shoe that can breathe, we recommend the shoe supreme air force 1.

    3. Store them properly

    Don’t keep your footwear in large piles or dump them all together in a bunch because that’s how they can end up getting easily deformed. Use their original boxes, as storage components or simply employ the use of a shoe rack or shoe organizer to keep them organized.

    If you use a shoe closet to store your footwear, put silica gel packets and good dehumidifiers in your closets to keep all moisture at bay. If possible, you can also ensure the room you store your footwear has controlled temperature features, especially if you happen to own a lot of pairs of leather shoes.

    4. Practicing cleanliness and good hygiene

    This may sound really simple, however, good hygiene habits such as using clean socks, wiping down or brushing your shoes whenever you can and washing your feet every day can help you keep your shoes looking clean and in good condition for longer.

    By making sure you treat all your footwear with both care and cleanliness, some extended use can be gotten out of every piece. Also, it pays to ensure you put on the right shoes on for the right functions and events. If you’re expecting to attend a messy outing such as a kid’s birthday party, obviously don’t go wearing your most expensive all-white brand sneakers.

    Learn how to dress for the occasion and this will, in turn, help you keep the clothes you have, looking better for longer.

    Whether you happen to be the type that avoids malls and huge shopping outlets at all costs or whether you are a complete fashionista, you most likely spend way more than you think when footwear is concerned. In the United States, the average American household is known to spend around one thousand dollars on shoes each year.

    That’s quite a lot, no? Why not try hanging on to the shoes you have for as long as you can to help bring down this cost. It’s not that hard really. Just don’t allow them to wear out so fast.

    Hopefully, this article has helped show you how you can make this happen.


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