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    We all have a style crush. That person who you would love to swap wardrobes with and who never fails to impress you with their look, we introduce Ricki Hall. Style icons are a thing, and what kind of devoted beard website would we be without paying homage to the unfailing style of Ricki Hall. His fashion collaborations include Diesel & P&Co, with a wide range of garments and trends any real #barberlife man would love.

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    In an interview with The Stranded Sailors earlier this year, Hall described his style as:

    “1950s New York workwear with a nod towards 1930s English Gentleman, and a sprinkle of the 1980s Skinhead era…”

    Well, I would definitely say he hits the nail on the head there, and just to prove it, here’s a run down of some Ricki Hall-esque styles and trends that you need to check out.


    Effortlessly cool and ideal for summer evenings, the raglan shirt is righteously making a return to shelves. Whether with a printed design or plain, they are great with jeans for everyday wear. Pictured below are a variety of images, most of Ricki’s new designs and collection with P&Co, Unlovable.


    As the typically less popular shirt, the short sleeved wonder is great for a smart-casual look; especially if you’re aiming for the same English gentleman- Skinhead hybrid look! Ricki often goes for a bold pattern, so if you’re feeling brave, whip out those guns and team them with some printed shirts this spring summer.


    Who doesn’t love a printed tee? I  know I do, but Ricki seems to just pull them off like it’s an art. Of course, it isn’t, and if you get the right print/design, it will really complete any ensemble. Here’s a few examples, including some from Ricki Hall x P&Co newest collaboration.


    Suave, sophisticated and most definitely ‘English Gentlemen’, Ricki’s hallmark suited and booted image is near legendary. Whether its a waistcoat and cravat or top hat and tails, this look embodies an earlier 1900s Americana look- combining both English and American aspects of the term ‘gentleman’. Get some inspiration from his endless looks below.


    It’s been around for a while, and it’s been embraced (mostly). It’s the lumbersexual look, opposite of metrosexual, but finds a balance of the lumberjack rugged look but with a well-kept beard and soft hands. Oooh. Whether it’s a thick checked shirt or coat, or thick socks, unbeatable boots and a beanie, the whole look is carefully constructed to say you’ve just thrown it on. Have a look at Ricki’s approach to the lumber-look.


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