How To Sleep In And Still Get To Work On Time With Non Iron Shirt

    Non-iron shirts are becoming increasingly popular these days. Especially for those of you who are always in a rush, non-iron shirts can be your best friend. Even when you take an extra few minutes to sleep in, you’ll still be able to make it to work on time without rushing, with as simple a solution as sleeping in with a non-iron shirt.

    As the name suggests, these shirts don’t have to be ironed. Hence, they’re practical, efficient, and also very useful for busy days and when you’re traveling. It’s safe to say that non-iron shirts are now becoming a staple in every professional’s wardrobe. 

    That said, you can learn more about non-iron shirts here, and how they enable you to make it to work on time when in a rush.

    First, How Are Non-Iron Shirts Made?

    Non-iron shirts get their special quality because of the finishing that’s placed in the fabric. During the manufacturing process, the shirts are subjected to very high temperatures. Through this, the shirt can keep its shape for quite a long time. So, the shirt doesn’t wrinkle as others would. Thereby, the shirt stays smooth and perfectly crease-free, even immediately after washing.

    In the long run, owning non-iron or wrinkle-resistant clothing proves to be more economical, for the very reason that the fabric maintains its quality even after regular washing. Hence, these fabrics are also less likely to succumb to shrinkage. Your non-iron clothing is going to last you much longer than regular clothing would.

    Now, How Do Non-Iron Shirts Enable You To Avoid The Morning Rush?

    Brook Taverner’s non-iron or wrinkle-resistant shirts are the perfect go-to clothing item for individuals that are always busy or are constantly on-the-go. Especially when you always feel like you are in a rush in the mornings, these are going to work excellently for you. Better yet, if you have children, you don’t have to worry about looking all crumpled up and messy early in the morning.

    In addition, here are some of the other benefits that you can gain by using wrinkle-free shirts:

    1. It Enables You To Let Your Iron Retire

    If your iron could speak, perhaps it would let out a scream and ask you to please give it a break! When you continuously wear clothes that are not wrinkle-resistant, you will need to iron them regularly. Often, even when your clothing has just been hanging in the closet after being ironed, you may find it necessary to re-iron it.

    Not only does this take up a lot of your time, but it also adds to your utility or electricity bills at home. You can save so much time in the mornings, at night, or on the weekends when you have less clothing items to iron.

    2. It Makes Your Mornings More Relaxed 

    Whether you’re living alone or with children, you’d know that weekdays are always rushed. It just adds to the workload when there are children to prep for school as well. Now picture a familiar scenario. Your alarm goes off. You cook breakfast, take a shower, and get dressed. The kids also get ready for school. After this hectic early morning routine, you only have a few minutes left to barely make it to work on time. 

    Just as you’re about to head out the door, you pass by the mirror and notice that your shirt is crumpled. You haven’t even made it to the office yet, but you’re already looking like a mess. This would naturally stress you out. Either you risk being late for work so that you could change, or you take it all in and report to work looking messy.

    This is a situation that you’ll finally want to put a stop to. With wrinkle-resistant shirts, finally, your mornings can be more relaxed. Yes, even when you choose to sleep in for a few more minutes. You will wake up happier and less stressed, as you would have one less thing to do. 

    3. It Allows You To Enjoy A More Comfortable Clothing Item

    Non-iron shirts are also generally more comfortable than other clothing items. Whether you’ve got a polo shirt, a button-down shirt, or a blouse, your mornings won’t feel strained anymore because of wearing uncomfortable office attire.

    With your non-iron shirt, you’re freer to move around throughout the entire day, looking good while feeling comfortable at the same time.


    Non-iron shirts are also referred to as wrinkle-resistant shirts. Thanks to the magic technology, these shirts enable the wearer to get through a busy day while looking neat, polished, and crisp even at the end of the workday. Better yet, you can sleep in for longer while wearing these shirts. You don’t have to worry about ironing in the morning rush, or crumpling your shirt during your morning commute. These shirts are convenient, low maintenance, and also prove to be cheaper in the long run. Now, head out to shop for your stash of wrinkle-free shirts.


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