Reasons Why Socks Make the Perfect Christmas Present

    Millions of pairs are worn everyday all over the world. They are all colors, shapes and sizes. They are funny, witty, formal, novel and everything in between. Whether we put a lot of thought into which ones to wear, or no thought at all, they are an indispensable part of our wardrobe.

    From the newborn to the 100-year-old, slipping them on is a daily ritual. Routinely wearing them, however, doesn’t mean they are routine. Far from it. With such design creativity and versatility, they are perfect for any occasion. One-hundred percent cotton, a polyester blend, knee, ankle, or crew, there is something for everyone.

    This unique versatility and flexibility makes them perfect gifts for anyone on your Christmas list. Below are nine reasons you should add socks to your list for this Christmas.

    1. Socks make great gifts because they are practical. 

    By keeping one’s feet warm and easing the ability to put on a shoe, they add value to our lives. When you give socks, there is a 99.99% chance that the recipient uses them already. Even if he is not overly fond of them, odds are in the giver’s favor that he’ll wear them. The American wardrobe requires a lot of socks.

    2. Socks are industry-specific. 

    Not only can you give your favorite nurse a nice pair of comfortable socks for all those hours on her feet, but you can get her a pair designed with items healthcare professionals use. So, whether it’s your favorite dentist, golfer, banker, or coffee-loving coworker, there is a sock for her.

    3. They fit the personality of the wearer. 

    Whether your recipient is quirky, funny, humorous or just plain amazing, there is a pair of socks for her. They can even be given as a Christmas-themed novelty gift. Who doesn’t want to show off the Christmas-tree socks with bulbs that really light up?

    4. When you give socks as a Christmas gift, you will get a thank-you, a smile or a big laugh.

    A custom socks’ designer at sums it up this way: “…socks that mirror our personalities are a source of happiness. It’s something that puts a smile on our faces in the morning when we pull them up.” So, give a gift that gets a smile. Let a good pair of personality-matching socks do this job for you.

    5. There is a special relationship between cold, winter days and warm, fuzzy socks.

    Socks keep your feet warm thereby helping to keep the whole body warm. It’s hard to get warm with cold feet, but put on the right pair of socks, and everything feels warm. Even when it’s cold inside, warm socks mitigate the cold.

    6. Easy to purchase. 

    Socks are so practical, they can be purchased just about anywhere, even the local grocery store. But, if a grocery cart is not exactly where you want to put your socks, sit back, relax and put them in the cart of your favorite online retail store.

    7. They can be used in various capacities to celebrate the holiday season. 

    They can be used to make other Christmas gifts such as gift bags to hold small, meaningful items. They can creatively cover bottles. Some people make ornaments such as gnomes and snowmen to hang on the tree. And, if you don’t want to hand someone socks as they were purchased in the store, make a cupcake design out of them and put them in a cupcake wrapper. A lot of creative instructions can easily be found on the internet.

    8. Socks have become much more than just a fashion statement and a practical use. 

    Sock manufacturers have joined with healthcare professionals to create socks designed to alleviate or prevent medical conditions. There are diabetic socks, compression socks and socks to help prevent deep vein thrombosis (a very serious condition which can occur during long periods of sitting). They aim to improve blood flow. Still other socks are designed to assuage edema, varicose veins and shin splints. They are anti-slip to help you avoid falling on slippery surfaces.

    9. If the millions of pairs in existence today are not exactly what you want, you can make them yourself. 

    You can add all the bling you want. You can visit your local craft store and personalize those plain socks so that it speaks to the recipient in a way she will instantly recognize.

    Christmas is almost here and if you have not yet crossed off all the names on your gift list, don’t fret. There is still time to find the perfect pair of socks that will bring a big smile to someone’s face.


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