Moss Bros SS17 Collection

    We like to think that we are very knowledgeable on whiskers, all be it the facial kind. This is a concept that Moss Bros have taken quite literally with their new SS17 launch.

    Moss Bros set their overarching narrative for the year is ‘Master Tailoring’. The narrative here is two-fold: Moss Bros. as the Master Tailor as well as helping the men of Britain master the art of tailoring. They knew that they wanted to do something that felt disruptive from a visual point of view and that was also challenging to ensure they received editorial coverage and their content was shared. We overlaid this with the master brand narrative.

    What could they do that was differentiated? What is notoriously difficult to master? What would give them content coverage? What would ensure that their content is shared?

    cat moustache

    What is one of the most shared themes on social media? Cats. How could we ensure their campaign was differentiated? Cats. What is notoriously difficult to master? Cats. The campaign of “Turn Heads” was born and guess what… it’s all about the cats. Moss Bros met and cast 8 cats for the day and 4 models. This became one of the most challenging shoots that they had ever undertaken. The cats were impossible to master! They shot into the night only using a couple of cats at a time to ensure they were rested and receptive to being handled. They told us that no amount of rest however made these four-legged critters receptive.

    The new collection focuses on the ‘master tailoring’ element and is not your average suit cut or style. Focusing on unique textures and intriguing surfaces, it offers garments available for almost any occasion. We particularly love their essential blue suit which has multi-tonal fabrics, flecked black textured and a slim fit which is sure to head heads and ruffle feathers.

    You can shop the Moss Bros SS17 new collection here, (remember that cat’s aren’t included with any purchase). We also have some more images from their collection.

    model in a suit, holding a cat model in a suit, holding a cat


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