How To Become A Bearded Model

    A common question the team get asked is, ‘How Can I get into Beard Modelling?’, we have compiled some of the top tips from leading industry experts..

    Go and visit professional agencies in person

    It’s always better to see agents face to face as pictures can be deceiving. NEVER pay out for images before you go in. It won’t make a difference.

    Make sure you are the height and weight requirement

    If you are shorter, taller or bigger in build then the answer will probably be a no. If you need to lose weight for a role, the ketogenic diet is a great way to do it. We go by Industry standards and that’s why we need to make sure our models fit the clothes and sample sizes given on a shoot.

    Be prepared for possible rejection

    What agencies look for is very particular. Granted you could be a very good-looking person but we look for the whole package and if we think you will sell to our clients. Don’t be disheartened and listen to the feedback. Take it on board and always ask if they can suggest another avenue.

    Be polite

    With all this being said, agents prefer wannabe’s to be curious, polite and professional as well as confident. Always remember your manners as this could be a potential business for you, you want to make sure it starts off on the right foot. Never come across as needy or desperate. We will know in the first few minutes whether we think you are right and no amount of neediness will win us over.

    Dress stylish and have charisma

    Great style is a big plus and so is personality. If we are on the fence about someone, these two things could definitely win us over. We also like to see that this is how you will be with our clients and this is a big winning point for us.

    Model learning against white wall

    Grow A Beard

    Pretty self explanatory really… make sure that you are well groomed! We find that a trip to your barbershop and application of  beard oil are paramount, if you have been blessed with a thick and bushy beard then you are in luck. Be sure to style your hair to complement your beard. The right taper fade can help highlight your beard, check out this guide for the best taper fade haircuts

    If you are looking to learn more, an aspiring beard model or need to know how to become a model, check out this guide on Pixpa’s blog – How to Become a Model


    1. What is the recommended hight to become a model, I’m sure I wouldn’t be qualify for the job but who knows maybe I’ll get lucky
      If I can get more info on this that would be great

    2. I’m looking to become a beard model, im 6 foot 175 lbs athletic build, full beard and hair I’m told my beard is legendary, im sure there are better but I’m interested

    3. Aloha My Fellow Beardians

      I’m Kama, a native Hawaiian living in the middle of an ocean where I grew my first beard at the ripe age of 39 😑😂 And lemme tell ya it’s FAN-FKN-TASTIC! Well to my standards that is☺️ My question I’d like to address to the masses, How Do I Become A Beard Model? I’d appreciate and progressive feedback. I figured why not try. Mahalo for your time, Aloha


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