Modern, minimal, and innovative are three words that describe upcoming French designers Drôle de Monsieur. Check out their new collection and lookbook here.

The duo is living proof that hard work and talent can transcend location or connections. In fact, they consider not living in one of the “Big Four” fashion cities as an advantage – hence their motto “Not From Paris, Madame”.  Both designers are working to captivate the design community by inspiring others to go for their dreams and to break out of the traditional concepts that guide modern style.

Their modern vision of aesthetics through a ready-to-wear line is truly one that we at TheBeardMag suggest you check out, view some of their new lookbook below.

Drôle de Monsieur Drôle de Monsieur Drôle de Monsieur Drôle de Monsieur Drôle de Monsieur

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