6 Winter Essentials You May Be Missing

    Changing wardrobes can often take a lot of time and money away from people. However – adding essential items into your wardrobe can make things a lot easier, compared to rejigging everything and starting fresh. With our help, we believe we can find you 6 winter essentials you may be missing.


    Coats are everything in winter, they can add to your style and most definitely add to your wardrobe. Try anything from performance fabrics to wool overcoats and you will see your style and outfit match the drab, winter weather. Whether you love a overcoat style or the good old trench coat style you cannot simply keep something this essential out of your wardrobe. Winter coats can be expensive, but with the right amount of searching you can find yourself picking up a pretty little bargain.

    Faux Fur Trim Parka Coat
    Faux Fur Trim Parka Coat

    The Flannel Shirt

    There is nothing that compliments a winter wardrobe like a genuine flannel shirt, which highlights its popularity. They are ideal for the winter drag and with some jeans, an overcoat and a pair of clean black shoes will offer you a smart and casual style. Flannel shirts offer two options, a light or dark background, so choose based on your style and your current wardrobe!

    ONLY & SONS Only & Sons Fernando Long Sleeved Shirt
    Only & Sons Fernando Long Sleeved Shirt

    A Sweater

    Sweaters or jumpers are perfect for keeping your body warm even inside buildings! We all know the frustration of cold offices and rooms, making sweaters ideal for indoor and outdoor. Sweaters are an essential and even though some people believe sweaters should not be included, there is nothing that suits winter wardrobes better than a classy, well designed sweater.

    Kargg Crew Jumper
    Kargg Crew Jumper

    A Scarf

    Scarves offer a shield, or protection against the blistering winds as well as an added touch of flair. Scarves can be wool or cotton, the difference is all based on opinion and once you find the right one for yourself you’ll be able to carry it as a fashion statement. So protect yourself from the cold weather and make a fashion statement with wool or cotton scarfs.

    Knitted Scarf in Black
    Knitted Scarf in Black

    Black Trainers or Black Shoes

    Black trainers and boots will protect you from all the dirt flickering around on the floor. No matter how careful you may be, a puddle or splash will hit your feet without you noticing and this is where black suits the winter perfectly. All black trainers such as Android Homme offer a durable, yet stylistic solution. There are a wide variety of black shoes available ranging from Antony Morato to Jeffery West, so the choice is entirely up to you.

    Nike Roshe Hyperfuse Trainers
    Nike Roshe Hyperfuse Trainers

    Leather Gloves

    Nothing says style like a pair of leather gloves. Leather gloves are fitting with the smart style and highlight class. Wearing them with a casual outfit will offer a huge contrast, but if you want to truly utilise your winter essentials, a smart outfit is perfect.

    Yield Gloves
    Yield Gloves

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