5 Cool Body Modifications You Should Think About

    Some people have so many body modifications they look like a different species. It’s great because they want to look completely different. You can alter your body without going to such extremes, which will still help you stand out.

    It’s perfect for anyone who wants a little crazy in their life but thinks normal things like ear lobe piercings and lower back tattoos are boring. Let’s discuss some wild body mod options available to you these days.

    1. Get Your Nose Or Tongue Pierced

    Some studios will have many ear piercings options, but you don’t need to get one in your ear. Have you ever thought about getting your nose or tongue pierced? Face piercings are great because they’re much more noticeable.

    Flesh tunnels are cool if you want edgier ear piercings, plus you’ll be able to increase the size of your holes every few months. Belly button piercings are good too, but they’ll only be visible if you wear revealing clothes.

    2. Sleeve Tattoos Are Fashionable

    It’s not unusual to spot females with sleeve tattoos today. Just make sure you spend a long time thinking about the perfect design. It costs a small fortune to remove a full-length sleeve if you change your mind.

    Looking for designs on the internet is fine, but speak to professional tattooists first if you get your tattoo in Toronto and other big cities. A neck or hand tattoo is extreme if you think arm tattoos are too tame.

    3. Burning A Design Onto Your Skin

    Body branding has always been popular in places where people have darker skin. If you visit Australia, you’ll notice elders in aboriginal tribes with scar designs. It’s slowly becoming popular in western countries.

    Tattoos aren’t considered rebellious by 99% of society, so branding is a good way to set yourself apart from everyone else. Even though it will hurt during your session, a professional design will look like a work of art.

    4. Getting Implants Under Your Skin

    Cosmetic subdermal implants have been around for over two decades, but you don’t see them everywhere you go. Even though people use implants to look like animals and aliens, you don’t need to stick horns in your head.

    A few silicone beads under your skin can help create a beautiful design you’ll love. Implants will hurt until healed then you won’t even notice them. It’s also possible to remove everything without leaving scars.

    5. A Diamond Piercing On Your Tooth

    It’s possible to carry out multiple modifications inside your mouth. A diamond piercing on your tooth is probably the coolest uncommon option. Tooth filing will help you look like a vampire, but you’ll eventually need crowns.

    If you’d rather look like a snake you can have your tongue split. It’s expensive to reverse the procedure once you get bored, so don’t jump into it. Be careful with mouth modifications because your mouth is full of bacteria.

    Think About The Future

    Before getting any body modifications, it’s worth thinking about how long they’ll last before you want to look normal again. You can’t just try out every idea that pops into your head.


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