5 Tips on Buying your First Luxury Car

    So you’ve made it— you’re ready to cash in those hard-earned dollars on a luxury vehicle. Visions of premium audio entertainment, unparalleled horsepower, and the miles ahead flash before your eyes. But before you get too stoked imagining what it will be like to drive your new Mercedes, Porsche, or Audi into the sunset on Route 66, there are some things you need to know about buying your first luxury car.

    We’ve got 5 tips to help guide you through your first luxury vehicle purchase so you can drive off the lot with a car you’ll love for many miles to come!

    What makes a luxury car?

    First of all, let’s define luxury vehicles. There are some brands that are simply associated with luxury more than others, absolutely. But what makes these manufacturers eligible for their “luxury vehicle” titles? Truth be told, luxury vehicles can be pretty similar to standard vehicles— except that they prioritize the finer things in life like heated seats, leather interior, entertainment features, and stylish construction.

    inside view of a luxury mercedes
    The Mercedes-Maybach S 650 Cabriolet is considered one of the worlds most luxurious convertibles

    Other features you may recognize in a luxury vehicle include rearview backup cameras, power side doors, and integrated smart features on the dashboard. So whether you’re trying to impress your date or you’re just a gentleman that appreciates the finer things in life, there’s no denying that these vehicles provide an extraordinary experience that everyone can enjoy.

    Style doesn’t mean compromising on safety

    Just because you’re opting for the Tesla Model X butterfly doors or a Jeep with an open exterior doesn’t mean you’re replacing safety with your sense of style. No matter what kind of car you’re buying— luxury or otherwise, you should always pay attention to the most important safety features such as an air bag and safe car seat.

    Here are some of the top safety and security features to consider when you’re shopping for your first vehicle:

    • Anti-Lock Brake Systems (ABS)
    • Automatic Seat Belts
    • Backup Camera
    • Traction Control
    • Forward Collision
    • Comprehensive Airbag System
    • Rear Defrost

    If you’re buying a luxury family car, you’ll want to look into even more specific safety features like capability to install a safe car seat and child lock features.  

    mercedes benz with headlights
    HID headlights are found in most luxury cars and are much brighter than traditional LED’s

    Consider practicality, too

    While luxury cars do take the cake for convenience and comfort features, they’re not always the most practical vehicles— depending on your use. Before you speed off the dealership’s lot, make sure to consider your vehicle use! Is this a primary car or secondary?

    Will you be towing anything with your vehicle or carrying bulky cargo? If you’re planning on hauling furniture back and forth between places, a sportscar probably won’t be your best option. However, if you’re just looking for a car to take out for client pickups or coastal drives, you may be able to get away with a car that’s less practical.

    Here are some other items to add to your practicality checklist before you buy that shiny new luxury SUV:

    Shop locally for the best deals

    The shopping process generally starts with a quick search on vehicle models and local market value of the vehicle. But when it comes to actually test-driving and ultimately purchasing a new vehicle— local is the way to go. For example, if you’re searching for the latest Audi A5, you may want to search for new Audi for sale in Peoria, AZ. If you’ve got your eye on a luxury SUV to tackle the Utah snow, you may want to search for luxury all-wheel drive for sale in Park City, UT.

    luxury cars in a row
    Before you go the dealership, make sure that you do your homework on your chosen luxury car

    Local dealerships generally offer the best financing and inventory for new and used luxury vehicles. Do your research before you go, so you can approach the sales team with confidence!

    How much should I spend on a luxury vehicle?

    Luxury vehicles can cost anywhere from $30,000 to over $100,000 depending on what features are on your must-have list. The luxury vehicle world is really your oyster if you’ve got the cash to fund the chariot of your dreams.

    However, if you’re short a bit in cash, you may apply for an auto loan. If you want a specific luxury car badly, this option helps a lot ‘cause you won’t need to wait for you to have the right amount of cash. All you need to have is a clean credit history. Make sure your credit history is free from any bad record, especially charge-offs ‘cause it might hurt your application. Click here to learn more about charge-offs and to know how you can remove it in case you already have this issue.

    New vs. used luxury cars

    Buying a used vehicle is a good option if you don’t mind getting an older model for a better deal. Many pre-owned cars have minimal wear and tear, so you could end up with a car that’s practically new for a fraction of the cost. Whether you go the new or used route, always make sure you have the chance to test-drive the vehicle before you purchase, and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Buying a vehicle is a substantial investment (whether it’s luxury or standard), so you’ll definitely want to be thorough with your process.

    In conclusion

    One more tip: Maintenance is part of car ownership, especially for luxury cars that are considered investments. While you can leave the more complicated maintenance tasks to mechanics, you can do your part in keeping an eye on the car’s interior.  

    Classy Subaru Forester, for one, deserves top-notch car mats, seat covers, and even car cover to maintain its premium appearance. And these products are usually available near you. For example, visit for accessories that fit a Subaru Forester model in Australia

    Follow these tips for buying a luxury car and you’ll be driving a first-class vehicle in no time!


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