Protect Your Summer Beard

    We would just like to clarify something with you, although Summer is here, you don’t have to shave off your beard! Beards are actually very beneficial in the warmer seasons, they offer some great cooling properties. There are of course negatives to having a beard in hot weather; the sweats, the ice cream eating, the burger sauce, sun-cream (we could go on)…

    We fully support the summer beard and want to give you some top tips on how you maintain strong and healthy foliage. You only have to make a few slight adjustments to your daily grooming routine to prevent heat damage and breakage.

    Here are our best tips –

    Wash your Beard

    The one thing that heat brings, perspiration. Unless you have been blessed to never get sticky, we will all sweat when the mercury starts to rise. You need to make sure that you are washing your beard more regularly as just like your eyebrows, it can gather sweat particles.  A quick rinse daily will do just fine, make sure that you use a beard shampoo every other day to keep it clean and smelling fresh.

    Beard Hydration

    The hair in your beard is naturally coarser than the hair on your head, it is very important that you focus on keeping it hydrates. If you don’t, it can feel extra irritated in harsh weather. We found that a simple beard oil can help often beard hair, reduce the itching and prevent breakage. Another amazing product that you can use is R&B from Lush, it has a blend of rich oils and butters to restore your beard to its natural beauty

    wet beard
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    Drink Drink Drink

    Staying hydrated is the fundamental tip for maintain healthy hair, skin and nails. Your skin cells are 90% water so getting enough water will reduce the risk of hair breakage, skin outbreaks and de-hydration. Grab yourself a water bottle and keep topping that bad boy up!


    We all know that your beard is regarded as your most valuable possession, the last thing you want to do is risk damaging that. Over time, the sun will start to lighten the colour of your beard and damage the hair follicles. One thing that you can do to overcome this is use a light application of sun cream directly into your beard, applying it in a similar way to beard oil. There are grooming products specifically for protecting your hair from UV rays whilst offering a vibrant shine, we recommend the Paul Mitchell Sun Shield Conditioning Spray.

    Stay Groomed

    Your beard is actually a natural sun protector and protects your skin from direct sunlight. Studies have actually shown that your beard has the same protection as factor 20 sun cream! There is a point however when your beard will start to itch and start growing unruly, just book in a slot with your barber and get that thing tamed!

    There you have it, be sure to send us your summer beardy snaps!

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