Whisker Dam Review

    The problem with having a big moustache is that food and drink get caught up in it, there is a solution for that though! We introduce you to The Whisker Dam!


    The Whisker Dam embraces the rich history of gentlemen, and their luxurious stashes. Throughout the ages, it is apparent that there has always been a battle between a man’s perfectly groomed stash and fluid elements that try to saturate it.  Since the 1800’s gentlemen have been creating various contraptions to protect their magnificent Whiskers.

    It arrived in a small vintage box, immediately making us feel nostalgic – we felt like noble and regal gentleman. There has been some time and effort put into making the design of this packaging – it arrives in a small cardboard box with a vintage effect. There is some company information across the box, along with their slogan “It’s like an umbrella for your face”.

    The Whisker Dam itself is handcrafted from 100% copper with a timeless patina and a non-toxic coating, we promise you that this will become your new best friend.


    It is very simple to use, you just slip it over any mug or glass – it has small clips that keep it in place, you can then protect your moustache when drinking. We tested the dam on several types of drinking vessels and it always clipped into place. We also tested a few (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) drinks to see if it actually protected our tash – everything from frothy latte to silky smooth Guinness. The moustache dam had no problem protecting our mo, we didn’t get anything in our tash and the small opening was easy to drink from.

    The product is light and portable, easy enough to carry around in your pocket and use when the time arrives. We also noticed that with the novelty of this product, it became a great conversation starter when out in a bar. For those of you out there who are looking to protect their moustache, we highly recommend you get one of these dams. They retail at only $20 which is a steal, definitely worth the small price tag.

    If you’re interested in checking out the company’s site and maybe even purchasing one or two, click here.


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