The Beardy Beard Co Beard Range Review

    The Beardy Beard Co sent us some of their grooming range to review, we have heard a lot about this great brand and were excited to try some of the products.


    The brand was born out of frustration with a lack of beard care products in Northern Ireland, The Beardy Beard Co was founded in 2014 by beardsman Peter Pedlow. Having tried lots of different products from all corners of the earth, none really captured his imagination and he believed he could bring something truly special to the market. Each of they products are handmade, in small batches, in Belfast, using 100% natural ingredients.


    Natural Beard Oil – Black Pepper, Grapefruit & Mandarin (10ml)

    Their smaller travel bottle of oil is only 10ml, not a lot in the bottle but perfect to slip in your pocket or in a travel bag. They have used some of their signature ingredients in this oil – black pepper, mandarin and grapefruit – mixing nectar with a dry spice.

    They have used some of the finest ingredients for the oil – most notably jojoba and sweet almond oil, naturally rich in antioxidants. These carrier oils help moisten the beard, acting as a conditioner which reduces the itching associated with growing a beard. The only downside we found was that this smaller bottle is a pourer and often leaves residue on the outside, could be improved by using a dropper or pippet.

    Natural Beard Oil – Black Pepper, Grapefruit & Mandarin (30ml)


    This is the same flavour and handmade oil as the smaller 10ml bottle. The only difference is the increased bottle size and possibly one of the best dispensers we have seen – an atomiser spray top. We have never seen this type of dispense used before but we have to say that it is revolutionary.

    It allows you to spray the beard oil directly into your beard from a distance with no mess or oil on your hands or the bottle. This is a big USP for The Beardy Beard Co, no longer do you have to worry about getting beard oil everywhere. We actually loved it so much that when we finished the 30ml bottle, we poured the rest of the 10ml bottle into it.

    They do have two other scents available in their beard oil collection – Clove, Pine & Orange and Unscented.

    Natural Beard Balm – Black Pepper, Grapefruit & Mandarin


    Their balm also comes in black pepper, grapefruit and mandarin in a 30ml glass jar – no costs were spared in the packaging and glass always feels more authentic than metal or plastic. The balm itself is thick enough to scrape a decent amount onto you finger, it immediately starts to melt in your hand and the citrus scent shines through. We find that most balms allow you to shape your beard easier than oil and this is no exception –  it can be easily applied to facial hair. The grapefruit and mandarin are a perfect combination to provide a summer/citrus kick – the flavours are long lasting and perfectly combine with the dryness of the black pepper.

    TBBCo Original Comb


    The Beardy Beard Co signature rake comb is a perfect accessory to use with other their oils and balms. It is made from a single thick piece of laser cut stainless steel and promises to tackle those longer bearded tangles. It also doubles up as a handy bottle opener, beards and beers – the perfect combination!

    We loved these products from the The Beardy Beard Co and would suggest them to anyone, they have a great range available and should be included in any beard regime.

    You can visit them here –


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