Schnauzer Beard Oil Review

    Our friend Steve Boulding recently reviewed the entire beard oil range from Schnauzer Beard Oils. Read his review on these natural and organic scents below.


    This month I have been testing Schnauzer Beard oils, a company that I have had my eye on for a while. I was intrigued to know why they chose the name and what’s the thinking behind making the oils and the scents. I had been in contact with James about 2 months before the oil had even gone into production. I asked James why we had chosen Schnauzer Beard for the name and it all originated from a dog that won Krufts, a newspaper ran with the headline ’Dog wins Krufts’, that’s where the name came from!

    James had sent me all the range 4 oils in total so a good verity of scents, from bay rum to an un-scented natural oil. I was in need of some new oil so started to test them straight away.

    Schnauzer Beard

    Starting with SCHWARZKIRSCHE oil – not the easiest word to spell and even harder to say but this oil has the scent of black cherry and smells exactly like a cherry bakewell tart. I used the recommended amount –  to touch the oil feels light and silky, as I rub my hands together warming up the oil and massaging it into my beard, I could definitely feel my beard softening. The sweet cherry wasn’t too overpowering, I would advise wearing this oil with no aftershave or fragrance as the scent carries for hours.

    Schnauzer Beard

    That night I tried the Bay rum and cedar scented oil which they have called ZEDERNHOLZ. This was my favourite of the oils and I loved how they got just the right amount of rum and cedar to create an oil that can be applied for work or in the evening. This oil has a very deep masculine scent, it almost doubles up as a premium spiced aftershave. One of the ingredients that they used in this oil is organic Almond Oil – this helped soften any dry skin, whilst acting as a moisturising agent.

    Schnauzer Beard

    I used the un scented oil NICHT PARFÜMIERT Oil on a few occasions, I am starting to see a few neutral oils being released in the market and am still unsure what to make of them. I would suggest using this oil when you are wearing a strong cologne, you need to make sure that you don’t conflict scents.

    Schnauzer Beard

    The last oil that I tried was FRÜHLINGSFEST, another amazing scented oil with hints of orange and lavender. With a underlying hint of patchouli, this oil is perfect for spring and summer. A light smelling oil which would be perfect to take in your holiday wash bag or if you are heading to a festival.

    After using these oils for two weeks, I have to say it’s made my beard feel soft and smelling amazing, it isn’t marketed as premium oil and is definitely worth a try for only £6.95  or you can get all four for £20.00. These are affordable oils which suit all beards, James the founder is always happy to chat and give you all the information you need, you can find them on Twitter here.

    You can buy some of their Schnauzer Beard Oil  by clicking here

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