Our friend Steve Boulding recently received some Original Scent Beard Oil from Barbershop Beard. Read his review on this premium scented natural oil below.

Barbershop Beard is the new kid on the block in the beard oil world, with only one oil on the market, you can feel that they have spent a lot of time making the perfect blend. Barbershop Beard is a Manchester based company going for the old nostalgia look and feel, check out their press release here.

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I must admit that the scent of the oil is refreshing and unique to others available from other companies. When I opened the bottle for the first time, I was sent straight back to the 1930s, a gentlemanly rustic scent with that rich blend of sandalwood, Ylang Ylang and Petitgrain. These ingredients combined give you everything you need for a strong, endearing, long lasting oil. I have used several oils myself but you can really feel the quality in this product and tell that it has been rigorously tested before release.

The price is very reasonable – the original beard oil comes in 1.7 fl.oz and is only £19.99.  When you compare this to other premium oils available in a populated market, this is reasonable for one of the finest of oils I have used. It comes with a pipette in the bottle which I always like, they work as a simple measuring device.

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I was using the oil once a day in the morning, straight after my morning shower. The bottle instructs you to apply onto a damp beard so this was the ideal time for application. A couple of drops go a long way! Feeling the oil warming up on my hands – it felt silky and luxurious, after it was on my beard, there was a long lasting scent and glossy shine several hours later.

Their website is very useful with everything you need to know about the history and development of their flagship beard oil. They have lots of handy tips on making the most of the oil, (very helpful for those first time users). They even stock the popular Kent combs which help distribute the oil evenly onto your beard and skin underneath.

You can find Barbershop Beard on all social media channels, I found them on Twitter @barbershopbeard which has a link to their web site.

Photography – 5point6.com

I’ve been chatting with they owner Mat on Twitter and you can see the man has a passion for what he’s doing! It’s not about making a quick buck, its about making the best possible oil for every beard in the world.

After a week of using the oil I can honestly say that @barbershopbeard oil will be a leading brand this time next year! At a lower than average price to what’s on the market at present, what more can you ask for? It smells divine and your beard feels soft and luscious. I am hearing a lot of positives for the future and these are a definitely a brand who are going places!

You can buy some of their Barbershop Beard Original Scent Beard Oil by clicking here

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