Men’s Guide to Hair Straighteners

    A hair straightener a.k.a flat iron, like the word says, is a device that we use to straighten our hair. Girls are already familiar with this fancy little gadget, but now, when some new trends finally arrived to freshen up men’s hairstyling world, you guys need to learn some new things if you want that sexy-movie star hairstyle which lures women to slip their fingers through it. Anyway, back to our little gadget, even though it looks simple, there are many things you need to know before using it. If you don’t be careful with it, you can end up with your hair extremely damaged, or even worse, with no hair at all. Also, if you have time, consider reading this complete straightener’s guide for men’s hair.


    1. Wash your hair. If you use a hair straightener on greasy hair, you will end up looking like someone spilled a bottle of oil on your head and then combed it.
    2. Make sure your hair is completely dry. Unlike styling, here your hair musn’t be left wet or damp
    3. Use heat protection serums. This is a very important step since it is not that healthy to expose your hair to temperatures that high. Imagine someone presses two pieces of metal on your hand which are heated on at least 100 degrees. Your hair needs protection from this if you want to keep it nice and shiny.
    4. Set the temperature depending on your hair type (is your hair thick, thin, strong,weak, curly,wawy etc. The stronger, thicker and more curly your hair is, the bigger temperature you will need to straighten it. The best temperature to begin with is 120 degrees Celsius , which is 240 degrees Fahrenheit)
    5. Comb your hair well hair straightener

    The process itself

    1. Grab one cowlick that is not wider than your index, middle and ring finger connected
    2. Go over it with a comb one more time and then place it in between the 2 parts of the hair straightener. Try to place the device closest to the scalp as possible
    3. Close the plates of the hair straightener
    4. Run it smoothly, not too fast nor too slow, till the end of the locks
    5. If it isn’t straight right away, wait a few seconds untill it cools down a little bit and then do it again

    Repeat the process on other locks untill your hair is straightened  hair straightener

    Some other useful tips

    First of all, you need to be aware that you will now have to invest a nice sum of money if you want your hair to be treaten nicely. You will need a good blow dryer, a high quality heat protector (don’t be cheap on this one) and, of course, the best quality hair straightener you can find. Make sure that you are using special hair straighteners for men. Also, make sure that the plates are ceramic, because they last much longer and give your hair much less damage than cheaper ones made from metal. If you are having trouble finding the right one, buy a ghd hair straightener , trust me, you can’t make a mistake with this one. It is a top quality hair straightener that suits everybody’s needs, and also, and the price is not bad either.

    So there you have it fellas. Get that hair growing and try not to to this very often. I know you will be delighted with your hair that pretty and straight, but it won’t look that pretty when the heat-caused split ends start to show up. Treat your hair with respect. If you are looking for ways to grow your hair you may also like


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