What is Beard Oil?

Maintaining a strong and healthy beard is vital, a high quality beard oil can make all the difference to your beard upkeep.

A beard oil serves both aesthetic and functional purposes: it is a healthy product full of natural conditioning ingredients like jojoba oil, grapeseed oil and argan oil. There are hundreds of brands who manufacture their own beard oil, from Robin Hood Beard Co to Mariner Jack, you need to trial which works well for you.

Why use Beard Oil?

Beard oil moisturises facial hair and the skin beneath
Beard oil contains natural products which will help soften the skin and prevent itching and dry skin. The hydrating element of the oil will moisturise and give a glowing shine to your beard. A shiny, not flaky beard is a well groomed and impressively tamed beard.

Beard oil keeps facial hair fresh and beard-druff free
The longer your beard gets, the more taming it needs: hairs flyaway and flakes start to appear. The moisturising elements of the oil will keep your skin soft, we recommend a smoky wood smelling oil which can act as a natural fragrance and keep your beard smelling fresh.

When should you apply?
The best time to apply beard oil is straight after you have showered and conditioned your beard, preferably first thing in the day. Opening up the pores will allow your hair follicles to absorb the oils fully, it also offers a barrier of protection for the day ahead.

How to Apply 

Step 1 – Timing is key
The best time to apply your beard oil is straight after you have showered and conditioned your beard.

Step 2 – Get dry
Towel dry your beard with a simple patting motion, making sure you get all of your beard dry.

Step 3 – Measure
Place a few drops of oil into your palm and rub your hands together, making sure you have enough oil to cover your beard.

Step 4 – Apply
With your fingers, work the oil through your beard, making sure you coat all of the hair and apply it to both the roots and the tips. We suggest you then use a comb to work the oil through your beard, you can then move onto styling with a beard brush.

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