The Male Grooming Industry

    If you need to learn more about the current state of the mens grooming industry then look no further, we give you an in depth status report of how its doing.

    We always want to keep you updated with any industry updates and insights so have been doing our research on the health and beauty market with a key focus on men’s grooming and beards. The results surprised us, with all the media coverage on the ‘death of the beard’ – we wanted to prove that this is just a myth and beards are growing, quite literally.


    According to Verdict Retail, the UK Health and Beauty market has grown 18.2% in the past five years and now makes up 6.6% of the retail industry. This growth is especially prevalent within the Male Grooming industry as sales of shaving paraphernalia alone exceeded £2 billion in 2014 (Telegraph).

    This positive momentum is set to continue in 2015, providing businesses with a significant opportunity to engage and acquire potential customers. Though we don’t focus on fitness, there was a sharp increases in searches for ‘protein shakes’ pre-Christmas and post-Christmas as people set their ‘fitness regimes’ in line with new year’s resolutions.


    Beard stylessaw the greatest increase in ‘beard’ related searches year-on-year and ‘Aftershaveincreased in the lead up to Christmas 2014 highlighting its popularity as a gift. Demand for selected health & beauty terms tends to fluctuate throughout the year, meaning timely content and the search strategies that brands are using become imperative to bring about efficiencies.

    An interesting fact is that almost 25% of Argos’ search clicks are for ‘beard trimmers’, something we don’t encourage you to search for but always worth knowing.

    How to grow a beard and how to trim your beard were the top ‘how to’ searches, the term ‘how to trim your beard’ saw the greatest growth in searches year-on-year. We have lots of grooming articles to help maintain your beard as well as how to guides that you can read, the fix a patchy beard is one of our top read!

    Who said that beards are dead? We are just getting started…


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