How Transplants Are Giving Men The Beards They Always Wanted

    From the caveman to Vikings, beards have been considered a sign of masculinity since the dawn of time. After falling slightly out of favour for a short spell in the 90s, facial hair made a hell of a comeback in the 00s. 

    Pop culture is responsible for making beards desirable again. Think Jason Mamoa and Tom Hardy. This unkept, yet perfectly polished look, can only be complete with a stylish beard. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as ditching the razors and hoping for the best.

    What about those of us with patchy beards, or even those who can’t grow facial hair whatsoever? This can be incredibly frustrating, and beard envy is a real thing. Thankfully, men finally have an answer to an age-old problem – the beard transplant. Granting the seemingly impossible to men all over the world, beard transplantation is a gamechanger.

    What Is a Beard Transplant?

    Pretty self explanatory, a beard transplant is the process of taking hair from elsewhere and implanting it on your face. What you may not be familiar with is the actual process of how the magic happens.

    Known as the donor area, the existing hair follicles are usually taken from the back of the head. This is the harvesting stage, and you will need to be shaven beforehand.  Sounds uncomfortable, right? Don’t worry, the clinics use local anaesthetic and the procedure is virtually painless. 

    Doctors will do their best to leave little to no evidence of the transplant, but it’s not always possible. Scarring is to be expected, but it is usually very discreet, and is a small price to pay for a beard that should last a lifetime. 

    Who Can Have a Beard Transplant?

    Unfortunately, not everybody will be a suitable candidate for a beard transplant. A doctor will need to assess your skin and hair to ensure that the desired result is possible. 

    You need to have enough hair follicles in your donor area for transplantation on your face. So if you’re thin on top, you will struggle to have a successful beard transplant. The best results are from those with plenty of head hair to harvest, but don’t worry, most clinics offer a hair growth guarantee.

    No reputable transplant specialist will carry out a procedure without running some tests. A full consultation is the first step in the process to a new face of hair. 

    How Much Does a Beard Transplant Cost?

    The price of a beard transplant will differ depending on the country you’re in. In the UK, it can set you back as much as £7,000, depending on how many grafts you need.

    Many are opting to go abroad, and it’s easy to see why. The most popular destination being Turkey, where it can cost as little as £1,000 for the exact same procedure. The cost of a hair transplant in Turkey is substantially less than most other countries.

    You can also pay a little extra and enjoy the perks of an all-inclusive package. This usually consists of 5-star hotel and transfers, so you can get a little more out of your trip.

    How to Find A Clinic For Your Transplant

    The hardest part of having a cosmetic procedure is deciding which clinic to use. This is made even more difficult if you are considering travelling abroad. 

    Websites like Hair Transplant Turkey are taking the stress out of comparing clinics. You can find reviews, prices and plenty of helpful information to get you started.


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