How to Grow & Maintain a Beard

    Struggling to grow and maintain a beard? Sporting a scruffy beard is one of the most recent fashion trends all over the world, especially with trends like Movember, or No Shave November, where men across the globe attempt to grow a beard within the month.

    However, not all men have tried growing a beard before, for fear of turning out scruffy and unkempt, which tends to be disliked by the majority of women.

    The fact is that this could not be further from reality, and an adequately groomed and cleaned beard on her man can be the sexiest facial feature for a woman. If you’ve never grown a beard before, let us give you a few tips and tricks that can guide you on how to grow a beard and how to keep it groomed.

    Don’t maintain your beard

    Counter intuitive we know but starting to grow a proper beard takes time. Plan out at least a buffer of one month, for your beard to grow to a full volume. During this time, we would advise you not to use any special hair products or make significant changes to your hairstyle, as you would want to see how the hair on your head grows naturally as your beard grows out, so we can style both to match each other. Just let your hair grow out gradually, and when you’re ready, we will begin to trim and shape both to complement each other.

    man with scruffy beard
    Take time to enjoy the process of growing a beard

    Be Patient

    Did I mention that growing a beard takes time? Try your best to bear with the discomfort and unkempt look of your half-grown beard whiskers for the interim month before you get a solid beard. If you need more length to work with, give it a little more time before you start, and you will have more options when it comes to shaping your beard.

    Shape it up

    Once you have enough length in your beard, you may begin to choose from an endless variety of beard shapes which will define your new look. Decide on one to start with, and begin carefully sculpting your beard with an electric razor or a pair of grooming scissors. This will also be the best time to get a haircut that would go well with your beard.

    Wash your beard regularly

    A badly kept beard not only looks bad, but it can also affect people around you. The last thing you want is for your beard to smell like your dinner last night and turn off everyone you meet. Always remember to wash your beard regularly, at least a few times a week. If you tend to have oily facial hair, use a mild shampoo or conditioner to keep it clean.

    Stay moisturized

    Keeping the skin around your beard moisturized prevents dreaded redness, irritation, and flaking skin from dryness. There are a huge variety of moisturizing products catered to beard grooming, and it is important to pick the right type of moisturizer for your beard. From professional moisturizing creams to natural alternatives like shea or coconut butter, pick one that smells soothing for you, as this smell will follow you throughout your daily life.

    Get a regular trim

    Beard grows out quickly, just as hair does. Do not forget to trim it down to maintain its shape regularly. If you’d like to do it yourself, do it carefully with an electric razor or a pair of grooming scissors. If you find this task too daunting, you may opt to head to a men’s barber near you to get it trimmed by a professional.

    man with glasses and small beard
    If you ever have any beard related questions, your barber is the perfect person to ask

    Eat healthily

    Eating the right foods can help to keep your beard growing healthily and beautifully. Take a balanced diet of proteins and meats, and supplement with vitamins. When your body is in the pink of health, your beard will glow with a natural sheen.

    Choose your style carefully

    Depending on the shape of your face, a sharp beard or natural scraggy beard might suit you better. Experiment with different shapes, starting with the longest styles first, and trimming it down if you don’t like it enough. There’s plenty of time to try different shapes and styles so don’t be afraid to try a new look every now and then.

    Follow the neckline

    When trimming down your beard, don’t stray too far from your natural neckline, as this will accentuate the shape of your face and prevent your head from looking imbalanced. This is an art in itself; so if you’re not sure how to do this, seek help from a professional barber!

    man with trimmed beard
    Avoid trimming your neckline if you aren’t confident, it takes time to find the natural shape of your beard

    Did you forget the moustache?

    While you’re obsessing on your beard, many men forget one of the most important complements to your beard – your moustache. Don’t forget to groom it to match your beard, whether you’d like to trim it down or shave it off completely.

    Getting used to your beard

    Also, remember to take care of your beard in your everyday life. For example, don’t feed your beard when you eat, as food can easily get stuck in there if you’re a sloppy or messy eater. Besides risking looking like a savage, it can also be disgusting to have your beard smell like stale food.

    Or if you’re going out on a date, take special care when you’re getting closer to your special lady – don’t let your awesome beard ruin your moment! Nothing can be more irritating to a lady than the itch of a beard rubbing against her skin. Always be mindful of your facial hair and make an effort to avoid giving her any discomfort. She will surely appreciate such a gentlemanly gesture.


    If you’ve never grown out a beard before, don’t be a stranger to beard culture. While it’s true that it’s not easy to properly take care of a manly beard, it’s also not rocket science and can be mastered with time and effort. And if you do, you’ll be rewarded with a rugged, masculine look that trumps any stylish clothes that you can wear to that effect. Bear all these tips in mind, and you can be on your way to a new clean and sharp bearded look.


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