Best Men’s Grooming Products to Fix Your Worst Beard Issues

    Growing a beard seems easy. All you have to do is let your facial hair grow out, right? In theory, that’s true, but you might also run into a lot of unexpected beard issues without adopting a proper men’s grooming routine. Every day, millions of bearded men experience the dreaded beard itch, dandruff, dryness, and so on. We’re not discouraging you from growing out that glorious scruff. Quite the opposite, some beard beginners just aren’t aware that these common issues exist, which can also be easily fixed if you know which men’s grooming products to use.

    We get it – buying grooming products for men can get intimidating, especially if you’re someone that uses hand soap to wash your face (which is also terrible for your skin). First thing’s first, don’t feel overwhelmed by fancy manscaping tools. You can usually find some top-quality men’s grooming products on stylish menswear stores like Differio that offer a diverse range of brands. You can also try pre-packaged male grooming kits, which may also get you more bang for your buck. 

    Ready to tackle those pesky facial probs? Here are the best men’s grooming products for getting rid of the most common beard-related issues. 

    Ingrown Beard Hair

    Ever found a tender bump on your face that kind of looks like a pimple but isn’t? Don’t be alarmed. In most cases, it’s stubborn ingrown facial hair. After shaving, beard hairs are more prone to getting trapped underneath the skin due to the newly sharpened ends, growing sideways instead of straight. If the hair doesn’t come out on its own, you can try these grooming tips to ease the irritation.

    Best Men’s Grooming Products for Ingrowns:

    First, put down that razor and any other sharp manscaping tools. Excess shaving will only make your ingrown hairs worse. 

    You should start by washing your face with an exfoliating face wash to clean out clogged pores. You can find exfoliating face washes for men infused with non-plastic particles, like sugar or sand, for a more natural approach. Follow up facial exfoliation with a gentle face moisturizer. You can also implement beard oil into any male grooming kit for that extra shot of hydration. 

    To speed up the process, try using a hot compress over the bump for 10-15 minutes. If you’re constantly facing ingrown beard hairs, you should definitely consider an acid-based treatment like the Ingrown Hair Treatment by Anthony Skin that applies like an after-shave gel to stop future ones from forming. 


    Beard Dandruff

    Dandruff doesn’t just affect your scalp; it can also affect your beard. Who would’ve thought, right? Also known medically as seborrheic dermatitis, beard dandruff can be caused by an overgrowth of natural microbes commonly found on oily skin. It can also be lesser or greater in severity depending on the rate of your skin’s cell turnover rate. 

    Best Men’s Grooming Products for Dandruff:

    If you’re suffering from beard dandruff, we can steer you towards the best men’s grooming products out there to stop that unsightly flakiness. 

    103 Collection has the perfect bamboo and teak beard oil to help remove beard dandruff. This beard oil is silicone-free and made with plant based ingredients perfect for sensitive skin. It softens your hair without build-up or oily residue and also helps eliminate dandruff.

    Never apply regular dandruff shampoo and conditioner on your beard. This is a big source of irritation because the skin on your face is much more sensitive than the skin on your scalp. Instead, invest in a good beard wash and beard conditioner. Yes – don’t skimp out on the conditioner. Dandruff thrives on dry, flaky skin, which can be healed with enough moisture. 

    You can finish your male grooming routine by gently massaging a hydrating beard oil infused with dandruff-friendly oils that won’t clog your pores, such as tea tree oil or argan oil.

    Beard Patchiness

    Having a patchy beard isn’t necessarily a sign of declining health or poor hygiene. Unfortunately, beard volume – or lack of – is usually controlled by your genes, just like male pattern baldness. In some cases, it could be related to age, hormones, or lifestyle (diet, sleep, etc.). 

    The most important tip: be patient with your beard growth. The rule of thumb is to wait at least 90-120 days to allow enough time for your hair to grow. At this point, if your beard still shows clear signs of patchiness, there are plenty of men’s grooming tools to make it appear fuller. 

    Best Men’s Grooming Products for Patchiness:

    To tackle beard patchiness, you should focus on finding the right men’s grooming tools based on your hair color and type. 

    You can try implementing beard tools, like beard filler or beard corrector pencils, for a temporary yet quick fix for adding volume. Similar to makeup, these manscaping tools gently fill in sparse areas with a natural-looking finish. You can also try hair mascara for controlling unruly beard hair while also adding a bit of extra color to hide sparseness. 


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