Beard Health Benefits

    Beards look awesome, but hey, you didn’t need us to tell you that, what you possibly didn’t know is that there are a few hidden benefits your beard provides that goes a little further than looking great whilst you wield an axe or sport a flat cap. See, there are a whole range of scientific studies that have shown beards can help with our health on many levels. They vary from reducing the skin ageing process (even slashing your cancer risk) to preventing airborne microbes from infecting us.

    Pretty cool, right?

    Not only that, they can help us generate positive first impressions too. A range of studies found that bearded guys are considered to be of a “higher social status”, are considered more “masculine” whilst another study focusing on societal perceptions of facial haired fellows was they were better father material too. There are 15 of these little hidden benefits to owning a beard listed in the infographic below, all of which have been backed from numerous scientific studies, experiments and surveys – but how many did you know?

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    beard health benefits


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