All About Facial Hair Removal

    When it comes to facial hair, both men and women experience the occasional thin or coarse hair on their chin or neck. This is completely normal and common, and no reason for any alarm. The presence of several facial hair removal techniques gives a wide range of options for individuals struggling with facial hair. 

    For women, facial hair is completely normal and has more to do with genetics and ethnicity. For instance, certain ethnicities tend to have more hair than others. All in all, be it thick or thin hair, facial hair is something almost everyone struggles with.

    There are various considerations for facial hair removal. With various techniques available in the market, there are several solutions towards handling facial hair rapidly and effectively:


    Waxing is a great way to remove unwanted facial hair, either through a beauty clinic or at the comfort of your home. When waxing at home, it is best to observe all the guidelines stipulated, to ensure the correct usage of the waxing kit and ensure the safety of the procedure. Waxing at home may seem the easiest way to deal with facial hair removal, however, the risk factor and uncertainty that comes with these procedures make home remedies complex in nature. Waxing works well for a while but requires constant maintenance. 


    This is one of the easiest and cheapest hairs removal techniques. Whether it is bushy eyebrows or a hairy chin, tweezers will always do the work as intended. 


    This device seeks to remove the extra hair from the roots, resulting in a seamless and even hair removal technique. This procedure is suitable for experimental techniques as it works like several tweezers seeking to pull the hair instantly. This procedure can cause discomfort and pain. This process also requires constant maintenance. 


    The derma planning process aims to remove the small frizzy hairs on the skin, as well as the top layer of dead skin. This procedure is susceptible to ingrown due to the use of multiple blades however, users with frizzy hair can opt for single blades. 

    Laser hair removal

    This is the most common hair removal technique that provides efficient results for a long period. The use of laser technology seeks to create a more permanent solution to facial hair, without the need for constant maintenance. This technology aims in focusing heat through pulses into the inner layer of the skin, targeting the hair follicle and destroying it. This process provides a more structured approach to hair removal without interfering with the surface skin.  With different types of laser procedures offered by Afya Skin and Body Clinic, users can get customized treatment according to their skin type. 


    This is a less painful and long-lasting technique that employs the use of sugar on the skin through a paste or gel. This process can remove extremely short hair and can leave the face hair-free for up to six weeks. 

    Hair removal cream

    Several depilatory creams aim in removing unwanted facial hair. These seek to break down the hair after application and require around ten minutes depending on the type of hair and concentration of the product. However, most creams are irritants and may cause adverse effects to the user depending on their skin type. Therefore, it is best to use sunscreen after use and to consult the dermatologist before purchasing any of these creams over the counter. 

    Coil hair removers

    These gadgets are available online and work by grabbing the hair from the root. They work just like threading but cover a wider surface area, being able to remove several hairs at once.

    Hair Removal

    How to choose the right product for you

    With all the available options in the market, it is best to conduct due diligence in researching the ultimate best product for use. Finding the right hair removal technique is vital in ensuring your skin remains healthy and youthful. Below are some tips that can be employed:

    Identifying the right tools

    Some individuals may prefer complete facial hair removal while others would want the facial hair to be removed partially. Either way, there are specific tools catered for each choice. For partial facial hair removal, a trimmer would be best suited for the job. The trimmer ensures that not all hair is cut leaving a chance for growth. Complete facial hair removal requires the use of a wax kit which has its share of discomfort, or laser technology which is more efficient and thorough. It is best to identify your options well before embarking on a certain hair removal technique.

    Preparing the skin

    Always read the manual before employing any facial hair removal technique. For instance, applying numbing topical cream before using a handheld laser device can save you from severe redness and heat from the laser beam. With waxing, it is best to apply a repair cream before and after the procedure to calm inflammation. Following the instructions will ensure your skin remains protected throughout the entire process.

    Test for sensitivity

    It is important to check for skin sensitivity before purchasing hair removal kits. Applying some hair removal cream on your skin to test it will go a long way in ensuring that the right product is purchased. Facial skin can be extremely sensitive and most likely to react to adverse irritants. Check the label for the ingredients of any product before purchase. 

    Things to consider

    It is best to visit your dermatologist for complex facial hair removal techniques. Always be safe than sorry when employing complex procedures.

    The availability of facial hair removal products in the market does not necessarily guarantee their authenticity. It is best to research a product before purchasing it to ensure it does not irritate or harm your skin. 

    It is best to employ the technique that might be suitable for your goals. If complete facial hair removal is the goal, employing more permanent techniques will be the right choice, and save you a lot of money and time. 

    Proper care and hygiene during each process are required for clear and healthy skin. Taking care of the skin by applying sunscreen and moisturizer as often as possible will go a long way in maintaining proper skincare habits. 


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