Everyone wants to spruce up their style for the summer, here are some ways you can breathe fresh life into your facial hair and make your beard work for you:

1. Add braids like children do on holidays. Don’t forget to use multi-coloured threads and add bright beads.


2. Wax/gel your beard into fun shapes, like topiary. Be careful that your new spikes don’t impale anyone shorter than you.

Source - mereja.com
Source – mereja.com

3. Dye your beard to match your hair, or vice versa. It could make you famous.

Source – beardsandmoustaches.org

4. Fully dread your beard. Readers have insisted that they don’t but we all know it only takes one brave gentleman to start a trend.

Source – Lammaszine

5. Thread flowers through your beard. If you’re at a festival or keen to go organic, use real daisy chains. If you’re in a rush, buy a flower crown and adapt. This will also make you a very popular guest at any children’s parties you happen to be attending this summer.

Source - huffpost.com
Source – huffpost.com

6. Accessorise your beard with cute butterfly clips or slides. If you’re a bit hesitant to stop conforming to the gender binary, head over to somewhere like Etsy to buy (handmade, ethically produced) beard beads or clips in the style of various Vikings/Lord of the Rings characters.

Source - pixshark.com
Source – pixshark.com

7. Just incorporate some plaits into your beard and maybe your hair if it’s long enough. If you’ve gone for beard jewellery, I can guarantee this will look extra cool. Or you’ll look like this guy, at any rate.

Source - moviehdwallpapers.com
Source – moviehdwallpapers.com


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