Barber Shop Etiquette

    A trip to your barber isn’t supposed to be complicated and it is something that you have most likely been doing for years. Have you actually thought about your etiquette in the barbershop though? (These people are regularly handling sharp objects very close to your head).

    Check out some of our handy tips to get the most out of your next barbershop visit and what you need to avoid –

    Fly Solo

    Use your trip to the barber as some ‘alone time’, it should be an enjoyable experience and there is no reason why you should be distracted by the other half. You know what style you are after and chances are, you most likely ran it past the missus before hand so sit back and enjoy that ice-cold beer, you deserve it.

    Manage Expectations

    We have all gone into the barbershop at least once in our lives with a photo of David Beckham and one of his hairstyle (don’t pretend that you haven’t). Unfortunately, not all of us have been blessed with his chiseled jaw line and handsome features so make sure you manage your expectations before hand. Barbers are known to work miracles but if you look more like Wayne Rooney than David, don’t take it out on them!

    David Beckham
    Source – Esquire

    Don’ Share Your Life Story

    We aren’t saying that your life is dull or un-entertaining but try to keep the small talk to the basics, pretty sure that nobody wants to hear about the first time you got it on with your girlfriend. If you are close friends with your barber then there is an exception to the rule, just be careful not to be too loud as news travels fast within small spaces.

    Be Clean

    We all know what showering is right? Make sure you have one before you head to your barber as chances are, they will right up in your face and they don’t want to smell your B.O. Body odor can easily be masked with deodorant or a splash of strong aftershave, also make sure you don’t forget your mints as horse breath can be very off-putting.

    Be Clear On Your Preferred Cut

    You probably have that ‘go-to’ cut which is great if you are on first name terms with your barber and they know ‘the-usual’ but be careful with new barbers though. Make sure that you have a clear style in mind and share as much information as you can, photos work well for this. We would also advise that you listen to the feedback from your barber as their experience is invaluable, you might have picked a cut which wouldn’t suit your face shape and they can usually suggest a style better suited to you.

    Don’t Change Your Mind

    Though this might be the obvious one, make sure that you aren’t going into a barbers with mixed feelings on your new style… be 100% sure with what you want, luckily hair grows back but there is no point being unhappy waiting weeks for it.

    Adrian Alarcon
    Adrian Alarcon

    Lastly, try to tip where possible! Let your barber know when they have done a great job.


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