Grow Your Yeard

    When thinking of a solid platform for your beard, there is one word that separates the men from the boys – A Yeard. A whole year of no shaving or trimming. One whole year of no shaving or trimming, that’s right you heard us, you aren’t able to shape or trim your beard for a whole 12 months, 52 weeks, 365 days, 8,760 hours, 525,600 minutes or 31,536,000 seconds.

    Urban Dictionary quotes –

    A beard grown out over a year, or that looks scraggly and icky enough to have been grown for an entire year.
    Whoa, check out the yeard on that guy sleeping on the park bench!

    We admit that you will start to look slightly hobo like after growing your facial fuzz for 12 solid months but this will create a solid platform for the bearded years ahead. We hear stories from men who have gone a few months with their beard and then quit, they don’t realise that growing a beard takes patience and time. One of the things you are still able to do is groom your beard with oils and waxes, this means that you can at least control it as it starts to lose shape and become uncontrollable. Take a look at some of our grooming guides to get the best out of the products on the market today.

    Our friends over at BeardBrand have created this informative video to walk you through the process of a yeard, be sure to subscribe to their channel for some great videos featuring our friend Jeffrey Buoncristiano.


    Video Channel – BeardBrand


    Check out the gallery below of some bearded men who have made it a whole year and successfully completed a yeard! All images are sourced from



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