Beard Stories – Ricardo Coral

    ll I would like to start with my name, I am Ricardo Corral and I go by @pitufo_enterprise on Instagram. I’m 29 years old and I have been growing my beard for 7 months now. It all started with “I’ll shave tomorrow” but here I am 7 months later…

    I’m the oldest of 3 children and I have always liked having a beard, I have grown it out a few times but I always ended up cutting it as I used to work construction and it can be dangerous at times. I also live in Phoenix Arizona so when you mix beards, sweat and dirt – it’s not the greatest feeling, I would always end up cutting it off but now I’m in a place were I can definitely have it.

    I currently have two jobs and I would like to try out the beard modelling, I’m looking forward to starting school soon to become a barber and hope to open up my own barbershop. I’m also parts of the @beardedvillains where currently hold a prospect patch for them. There is a chapter that just got started in Phoenix called the ‘Phoenix Bearded Villains’, we are 18 members strong and we all like being been part of the club because it’s a group of really nice, supportive and down to earth guys.

    I’m hopping to grown my beard a little bit longer and then just maintain it at a nice length. I’m currently using bad ass beard care to maintain the shine and health, go check them out and thanks for reading my story.


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