Beard Stories – Masoud Paeez

    Ok so here goes! The name’s Masoud Zarrabi, 27 years old, owner & barman at Autumn Cafe (Cafe Paiiz), located in the province of Kerman, South of Iran.

    I was having some pretty hard times, going through a lot and I guess I just decided to let go a little, you know, take it easy! That’s where the beard came in. Before I knew it I had a full grown 15cm long beard from the lip down. For some, a beard is, just a beard, but to me it’s much more than that, something much deeper. We’ve been through a lot together, countless cups of coffee, far too many cigarettes
    and besides, it looks good. 😉

    I frequently get asked the question, “isn’t it difficult dealing with a beard that long?!” The answer is: yes of course! But over the months it’s really become a part of me, a friend even, and you do get used to it. You can check out more of Masoud on Instagram here.


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