Last Minute Gifts For The Bearded Man

    Buying a gift for the bearded man in your life can sometimes be overwhelming, especially if you only have a short time to decide what to buy a perfect gift. When shopping online or at a physical store, you will come across a number of gift items that you can buy with some being expensive and others quite affordable.

    Most times, the best gift is a balance between an item that is practical and one that arouses their emotions. If your man has a beard, then buying him something that he can use to keep it looking good at all times is something he is likely to appreciate. Below are suggestions of gift items that you can get a bearded man.

    1. Beard Grooming Kit


    For a man with a beard, keeping it neat can be a challenge especially if they do not have time to visit their barber. However, with a grooming kit they can easily look classy without having to spend too much time in front of the mirror. The best kit should have essential items such as a hair comb, pomade, shampoo and conditioner which can also be used to groom some hairstyles for men.

    2. Beard Oil

    Captain Fawcett Beard Oil
    Captain Fawcett Beard Oil

    The best way to keep a beard gleaming is by applying conditioning oil on a regular basis. The oil, which is usually lightweight, softens the hair on the face ensuring that it is never out of place. In most stores, the oils are sold in a variety of manly fragrances which allows you to choose the best one for the man receiving the gift.

    3.Shaving Soothing Balm

    Murdock Post Shave Balm - £36
    Murdock Post Shave Balm – £36

    Most men get bumps on their skin immediately after shaving and this can be a bit uncomfortable because the skin is irritated. Therefore, if your man trims their beard at home, then an ideal gift would be a soothing balm that they can use after shaving. The best balms are those that have ingredients that moisturise the skin such as vitamin E and Shea Butter. The balm can also be scented to give off a fresh fragrance after shaving.

    4. Personalised Beard Mug

    Personalised 'Great Beard' Man Mug
    Personalised ‘Great Beard’ Man Mug

    Buying a mug as a gift may seem to be a less thoughtful option but when it has personalised message, it makes it very valuable. There are a number of stores that sell mugs with messages that target bearded men and they are usually comical or have an image of a moustache engraved on them. However, you can also work with a designer to come up with a unique message that talks about their beard in a positive and loving manner.

    5. Gift Certificate For Grooming Services


    If the man you are shopping for has a favourite barber shop, you can buy a gift certificate for a full service which includes giving them a trendy haircut and a well-groomed beard to go with it. The certificate can be for two people so that they can enjoy getting spoilt with a friend or family member.

    Finally, when you focus on the needs of the man you are shopping for, finding a gift that will make them happy will be much easier.

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