We take a look at some of the finest facial hair you can find on our screens. Everything from the tashes of our favourite actors to full bearded superheroes.

Ross Poldark

Did I add him to the list to post this?

Ross Poldark
Source – BBC


Please do not aspire to be George Mendez, even if you like his style in the grooming department.


Detective Joe West

The Flash ain’t the coolest guy in The Flash, y’know?

Jesse Martin

Mitchell Pritchett

Bringing the ‘ginger lawyer’ vibe to Modern Family.

Mitchell Pritchett

Shaggy Rogers

Come to think of it, Scooby’s not doing badly in the facial hair department either…


Hurcule Poirot

David Suchet’s hair and makeup team was, as they say, on point. (There’s a dodgy-French accent pun there somewhere?)


Wilson Wilson

If the character’s name doesn’t persuade you to watch Utopia, his beard should.

Wilson Wilson

The Ice King

He’s blue, so he’s cooler than you. (There is definitely a pun there.)


Papa Smurf

I’m sensing a theme, and that theme is cartoons’ inherent improvement when characters aren’t human-coloured. Long may it continue.


Reggie Yates

Mentioning Graham Norton in the last one got a mild chortle, so let’s not look a gift horse in the mouth.

Source - www.standard.co.uk
Source – www.standard.co.uk


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