Dapperman – Redefining Gentleman

    Dapperman has released a grooming range which has aims to redefine gentleman. Check out some of their latest range here and learn about their brand history.

    In a market filled with products containing harmful ingredients, Dapperman takes the craft of men’s grooming back to the basics. This family owned and operated company, utilizes a long-lost, natural 1930’s formula. Dapperman is a refreshing pioneer and believes that grooming products shouldn’t just make you look good – but also feel and do good too.


    Dapperman only utilizes naturally derived ingredients. For example our use of jojoba oil will help keep your hair and skin healthy and looking good. The essential oils provide a creamy fruit scent while locking in moisture. Dapperman’s products are easy to apply and wash out of your hair quickly.


    While not setting out to change the world single-handedly, Dapperman has partnered up with Top Gear USA’s Tanner Faust. We’ve revamped our brand by creating a new logo and website design to help showcase our commitment to respect, individuality, true confidence, and altruism. 

    Dapperman aims to be more than a role model in the industry; it is set to lead the way for all men and help them become the role models they themselves were meant to be. Because just like a hairstyle is a part of a man’s character, so is the way he carries himself and his inner gentleman. Do Good.

    To learn more about Dapperman and all the naturally derived products we offer visit the website –


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