We take a look through our favourite beards that you can follow on instagram. Where does your favourite bearded man fit amongst these fine bearded gentleman? There hasn’t been such a fairytale pairing since someone decided to try adding peanut butter to their jam sandwiches. Beards and Instagram go together like Lily and Marshall in How I Met Your Mother – completely inseparable to the point where sometimes you want to look away.

But mostly you don’t.

Here are some accounts you should be following if you aren’t already.

Justin Passmore

‘~musician~alchemist~romantic~’ might not be much of a biography, but you probably won’t care when you get to the pictures.

Searching for a former clarity.

A photo posted by Justin Passmore (@i_am_tinman) on

Levi Stock

This model pretty much does his job in his feed, alongside the occasional photo of a pool party or a pug.

A photo posted by Levi Stocke (@levistocke) on

Anthony Bogdan

The Copenhagen-based English blogger supplements beard Instas with photos of puppies. I won’t lie, the dogs make the account.


This is a dude who can show you how to wear a suit without making you feel bad that you don’t already know.

Patrick Beach

Yoga is cool, and this guy will inspire you to dig out your foam mat and learn to do handstands on chairs while letting your hair grow out.

Beards in Black and White

Well we were always going to include our own account on this list. If you’re ever stuck for someone new to follow, have a scroll through our feed and never Google ‘men with beards on Instagram’ again. We’ll always be up for featuring you, too.


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