Beards Of Glitter

    Looking to add some of that extra sparkle to your beards? Well Look no more! We have the perfect solution for you, check out the latest festive beard trend.

    We all remember the time when having a beard meant that you were a real man, those with no facial hair were labelled ‘women’. Though we don’t agree with this statement, we still believe that men with beards should be chopping wood in the middle of a field, throwing boulders across the arctic or charming every woman with the line ‘You can touch it if you like’.

    As we fast approach a visit from the most famous bearded man ever (Santa), men across the world are always looking for ways to compete against him and get their beard in the limelight. It was only right that companies jumped on this  opportunity and started inventing seasonal accessories for bearded men.

    Last year we saw the Beard Baubles take over the community, men were hanging shiny balls from their facial fuzz. We have also seen beard icicles, candy canes and even a robin in a nest…


    This year companies have taken it one step further! As if having a beard wasn’t enough up-keep, all of that oiling, waxing, washing, combing, trimming… now some genius has come up with the idea of throwing glitter on them.

    We can only imagine that a small child spilt their arts and craft box over a gentleman’s face and this trend was the consequence. It might sound like we are complaining but we most definitely aren’t, we love it! Of all the christmas beard accessories that we have seen, this one has to be our favourite! Who wouldn’t want a shiny beard to show off?

    We challenge you to walk down the street with a #glitterbeard and not have someone take a photo of wolf whistle from a distance! The look is easy to pull off. All that’s needed is a pot of glitter, a bottle of beard oil – and a willing hairy chin, of course. Apply a little bit more oil than you usually would then simply sprinkle the sparkle onto the surface of your beard, go crazy and do your hair if you like!

    Oh and if you think we’re making this up, we’re not…Check these beards out and be sure to tag #glitterbeard in any social media post.


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