Beardr – The Beard Rating App

    Beardr is one of our favourite free apps downloadable, we love beard rating! If you haven’t of this before then it’s time to download it for upmost pleasure.

    Remember our article on the dating beard shortage from our friend John Kershaw over at Bristlr? Well now there is an app to peruseand compare some of the best beards in the world!

    Beardr is a beard rating app for anyone who has a beard, or likes beards. Upload your beard and battle all the beards in the universe in our quest to find the one beard to rule them all.

    The quest to find one beard to rule them all has begun. Anyone with a beard and an iPhone (android version is coming) can upload their beard for battle. If you don’t have a beard you can always grow one. Once the beard is uploaded it will battle the worlds beards. If you don’t have a beard you can be inspired and stunned by the worlds best beards. Chat with bearded men and get tips on how to grow a beard yourself.

    Whether you are in it for the fame and glory, inspiration, just fun or even to find your bearded prince you will surely have a great time as long as your love for facial hair is there. We really love this concept and think it is a great excuse to view beards all day! We have our favourites, download the app and see if you can find yours!

    The app is free to download at the app store –
    Check out more on their site –


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