Andrea Pirlo

    My first beard crush. That’s a thing, right? If you’re going to have one, it’s probably for the best that the guy’s name is Andrea, the Italian poster boy.

    Pirlo is the fourth-most capped Italian footballer and has won virtually every major trophy possible in his twenty year career. We’re not here to talk trophies though, we’re here to talk beards.

    Juventus v Celtic - UEFA Champions League Round of 16
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    Following his move to Juventus in 2011, the classy playmaker simply let it grow over summer and “now I don’t waste time shaving”.1

    This highly pragmatic approach to looking awesome is worthy of praise and should be adopted by many other players in the beautiful game.

    Pirlo wasn’t jumping on any hipster bandwagon either. The beard completed the look and complimented those long silken locks he’d become world famous for.

    The beard gives the impression it’s given the same freedom as Pirlo himself in midfield, but I suspect that it’s very carefully trimmed and maintained to look that way. The hair is allowed to flow free but the beard is cropped and neat.

    Andrea Pirlo
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    In this rare case, it’s hard to say his prowess comes directly from the beard. Here he is embarrassing fellow professionals on the pitch completely clean-shaven. When he’s not doing that, Pirlo likes to relax with a glass or two of wine. When he’s done relaxing, he works on his vineyard in Brescia. It’s a serious passion, and continues a family tradition.

    So, as if he wasn’t perfect enough already, he’s a world class footballer with a sexy beard, annoyingly good hair and owns a vineyard.

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