10 Healthy Date Ideas

    Dating doesn’t always have to be ‘let’s head to the nearest bar for beers and small talk’, some of us health conscious would prefer something a bit more cleaner and sober. According to a recent study, couples who try new things together on a regular basis are more likely to have a higher-quality relationship than those less adventurous.

    Whether you are looking to impress on that first date or get into your partners good books, take a look at this list of 10 alternative date ideas –

    1. Rock Climbing

    A great team activity which improves trust and support, both involved in that challenge of reaching the top of the wall and pushing your limits. It is a great way to gain strength and burn calories, much better than drinking endless calories at a bar.

    2. Roller Disco Night

    Something for the advanced, it doesn’t come without some elements of risk but roller disco night is a great way to enjoy music and company. Sing along to your favourite songs or impress your date with your attempt at a 360 turn, just try not to show off with your attempted spinning heel kick.

    3. Relax with Yoga

    Yoga has recently become one of the most popular forms or exercise to help clear your mind and body, there are plenty of types to choose from which make it perfect for the alternative date. It has been proven to help with stress and reduce your blood sugar levels, avoiding alcohol was a great idea!

    4. Pedalo in the Park

    A day date here; use Google maps and find a park with a lake or ravine flowing through, most of the time there will be pedals vendors close by. Getting out on the water is perfect for privacy and space, it also offers some great views of wildlife and nature.

    5. Dance Classes

    We hear you moaning now “but I can’t dance…”, don’t let that put you off, it’s why they call it a lesson after all. Find a local ballroom or dance studio and invite your date for some synchronised rhythmic fun, it’s great for physical and mental health.

    6. Relax with a Spa Day

    There are some relaxation benefits from a spa day, it is a great way to just lay back and relax. This might not be a first date idea but is definitely something that will help your connect with one another. Book them in for a massage for extra brownie points!

    7. Get in the Treetops

    If you are both physical type of people, make the most of the woodlands and parks around. Search for local high rope companies who offer activity days or tree climbing activities, it will help with your teamwork and communication. Best bet here would be making sure that she isn’t scared of heights!

    8. Get Arty

    It is a very broad subject but why not get crafty with your other half? Stimulate your creativity and flair by an arts and craft workshop, it can help increase emotional intelligence and relieve stress. If you are feeling really confident, impress her by volunteering for a nude drawing class.

    9. Standing Only

    Not all gigs and shows are seated, grab some standing tickets to a local favourite band or comedian of hers. Not only will she appreciate the thought and effort, standing will actually burn more calories than sitting.

    10. Try a healthy cookery class

    Studies have shown that couples who regularly cook together are more likely to stay together. Head to a local cookery class to learn about new recipes, cultures and food. Who knows, your next date might be a holiday to that country…


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