Dynamite Beards

    Dynamite beards is a Melbourne based beard grooming company that is trying to make every beard out there look dynamite!

    Dynamite beards launched a couple months ago when the dynamite beard owner was experimenting making beard oil and beard balm for his beard, after 8 months of experiments dynamite beard oil and beard balm were made with the best natural products. They currently sell 5 different amazing dynamite beard oil scents (coconut , vanilla, lime, peppermint, cedarwood) and just one beard balm scent(lime),


    More beard balm scents are on the way. Their aim is to have every beard using their dynamite beard products as it is just amazing! They would love all barbershops out there to inquire about stocking their products!


    Dynamite Beard Oils are non greasy and specially formulated to nourish and care for your dynamite beard or mo. They help soften, moisturise and repair your beard, promoting a healthy growing beard or mo. Dynamite Beard Oil hydrates your beard which will keep your hair healthy as it grows and stops all the unnecessary flaky dandruff.

    Dynamite Beard Balm is a non greasy LEAVE-IN moisturising balm for your manly Beard, MO and skin. Our beard balm is specially formulated and hand poured with our signature hand blended scent to condition and style that amazing beard.

    All their products are vegan friendly and are not tested on animals.

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