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    So there I was, hanging out at Brian Lee’s house in a place known to us as Rancho Miami.  I was shown a picture of a tattooed mustache on the inside of a man’s lip.  It made me think about the mustache I was currently growing and not really grooming.

    Moments after looking at this photo I turned to Brian and said, “Why don’t we make a mustache comb that looks like a mustache?”  I loved beards and mustaches and Brian was then a hairstylist, it was a perfect fit.  Brian and I rushed to the beauty store to do some reconnoissance where we found nothing a bearded man would or could use.

    Cowboy Comb Logo

    The only beard and mustache comb available was the tiniest little comb that looked as though it should come with a Barbie doll.  We cruised back to Brian’s where he and I designed our comb around the most influential mustache, the handlebar.

    Days later Brian came up with name Cowboy Comb.  Being true blooded Americans we decided to roll with the name and had the Cowboy Comb made in the United States.

    Cowboy Comb
    Cowboy Comb

    After a successful Kickstarter in August 2011 our brand went public with men’s grooming being our main focus.  Soon after we held a local beard and mustache competition.  Like Alice in Wonderland we fell into a wild new world and met the most amazing people that impacted our lives.  

    That day changed us and our company.  Legends like Steve Scarpa and Aarne Bielefeldt graced us with their presence and in moments Brian and I were ushered into a wonderful close knit community.  We now have friends world wide because of the love of bearding.

    Mustache wax was our next obvious choice which Brian and I hand make with three simple natural ingredients from the Sacramento Bee Supply.  Our wax is available in one ounce tins and a brand new wax-stick. Working the beard comp scene we found a lot of competitors strictly use our wax because of its strong hold which is the best compliment we could ask for.

    Cowboy Comb Wax
    Cowboy Comb Mustache Wax

    They say cleanliness is next to godliness so we found a soap maker that produces a conditioner/soap that benefits and increases life to whiskers.  It is 100% natural and triple milled for the greatest richest lather.  Most people don’t know that many shampoos and soaps sold are actually doing more bad than good.  Everything Cowboy Comb produces is purely for the man who wants the best.

    With beards on the rise we designed an all new Big Beard Comb that is specifically for large beards.  The Original Cowboy Comb is perfect for a mustache or business beard but once you get past a certain length you need a longer wider gapped toothed comb.

    I grew out my beard for a year to perfect the development of our big beard comb.  I know first hand what design grooms best.  100% real Horn was chosen for our Big Beard Comb due to it’s strength and unmatched beauty. Big Beard Combs come in Natural and Black.  They are hand made, one of a kind, grooming tools of greatness.  Design Function and Style are our keys to greatness.

    Big Beard Comb
    Big Beard Comb

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    What they offer

    Mustache Wax
    Beard Wash
    Cowboy Comb beard oil and other fine products coming soon.

    What their customers are saying

    Cowboy Comb Mustache Wax holds better than any other wax I have used. I’ve probably had 10 different kinds of wax in my whiskers and none of them could compare. Either it wouldn’t hold strong or it smelled and dyed my stache! You know who you are…anyways CC wax is the greatest“- Kenneth

    The comb is great! It really gets down in the stache. Perfect size–take it anywhere. If you flip the comb upside down, and run the curved side along the length of your stache, it guides the hair into a nice curve too” – Jason


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