Chicken And Waffles

    Kick start your day with this American soul fried chicken and waffle recipe. Packed full of protein and flavour, it is one of our...

    Brooklyn Spectacles

    Inspired by the borough’s resident artists, musicians, and trendsetters, Brooklyn Spectacles are creating new looks that fit individuals of all backgrounds. (and beard sizes). Brooklyn Spectacles...

    Style Guide – Josh Mario John

    The next beadsmen to feature in our style guide series is the heavily tattooed model Josh Mario John aka Spizoiky, once named the bearded...

    Travelling With Airbnb

    We take a look at the revolutionary renting and lodging site that gives allows you to stay in some of the best locations in...

    A Gentleman Abroad

    We take you through a gentleman's guide to travel, how you should prepare for your next trip whilst remaining a stylish and sophisticated bearded...

    London Cru – Urban Winery

    Check out another review from our friend at, this time they visited London Cru - an urban winery based in a gin distiillery...

    Style Guide – Chris Millington

    The next beadsmen to feature in our style guide series is our Scottish-born model Chris Millington, a fashion icon who represents some of the...

    All White Everything

    As we roll into the depths of summer, there is one key style trend that we at TheBeardMag cannot stress enough – BRING OUT...

    Smokin’ Pig Licker Brownies

    Our resident bearded baker Mr Mom's shares one of his favourite brownie recipes, this recipe is for Smoking Pig Licker Brownies. Time to mix...

    Six Ways To Wear Summer Shirts

    Summer is, technically, here... and there's no bigger a sign of balmy days than the humble shirt. We take a took at 6 ways...
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