Brooklyn Spectacles

    Inspired by the borough’s resident artists, musicians, and trendsetters, Brooklyn Spectacles are creating new looks that fit individuals of all backgrounds. (and beard sizes). Brooklyn Spectacles...

    Style Guide – Josh Mario John

    The next beadsmen to feature in our style guide series is the heavily tattooed model Josh Mario John aka Spizoiky, once named the bearded...

    Style Guide – Chris Millington

    The next beadsmen to feature in our style guide series is our Scottish-born model Chris Millington, a fashion icon who represents some of the...

    All White Everything

    As we roll into the depths of summer, there is one key style trend that we at TheBeardMag cannot stress enough – BRING OUT...

    Six Ways To Wear Summer Shirts

    Summer is, technically, here... and there's no bigger a sign of balmy days than the humble shirt. We take a took at 6 ways...

    To Cuff Or Not To Cuff

    Cuffing (or rolling) has been a staple attribute to the look of many hipsters, preps, urbanites, and fashionistas for a few years but is...

    Style Guide – Ricki Hall

    We all have a style crush. That person who you would love to swap wardrobes with and who never fails to impress you with...

    Get The Look – Lumbersexual

    Lumberjacks have long been a symbol for the rugged, masculine man but never quite associated with being trendy - until now. Here's how to...

    Sunglasses To Fit Your Face

    Ever thought about how some sunglasses seem to suit you better than others? Check out our definitive guide on how to get the best...

    5 Types Of Shoe Every Man Should Own

    We all have that go-to shoe, that pair where you find yourself wearing on every occasion you go out. Check out the 5 staple...
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