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    ‘Shaveducking’ The Beard Dating Trend

    'Shaveducking' - The new online dating trend that is sending shockwaves through the bearded community, learn more about it here...

    Do Bearded Men Make Better Lovers?

    If you are supporting the bearded community and are the proud owner of facial hair, you are one step ahead in the...

    Beard Psychology: What Kind of Message Your Beard Sends

    From the infamous bearded lady to the iconic beard which accompanies just about everyone’s idea of a lumberjack – nothing demonstrates masculinity...

    The Amazing Trend of the Beard Transplant

    As beards gain more and more social acceptance throughout our society, many men are finding that a beard transplant is helping them...

    7 Most Famous Bearded Men of 2017

    Everyone loves a man with a beard. There are several reasons for it: the male beard communicates independence, sturdiness, resourcefulness, and willing...

    Bullingberg Make Hair Raising Offer To Fighter Conor McGregor

    British men’s grooming brand Bullingberg has put together a hair-raising way to show their support for Notorious fighter Conor McGregor - by...

    Planning The Perfect Outdoor Date

    So, you’ve got the lumberjack look down pat and want to live the lumberjack lifestyle. Hiking is an increasingly popular activity among young people...

    Moscow hosts 5th Russian Beard and Moustache Championships

    On April 8, Moscow hosted The 5th Annual Russian Beard and Mustache Championships. The best beards and mustaches gathered from all over...

    10 Healthy Date Ideas

    Dating doesn't always have to be 'let's head to the nearest bar for beers and small talk', some of us health conscious...

    Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

    Since New Year’s Eve is already behind us, the next important date we’re looking forward to is Valentine’s Day. Celebrated all across...
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