The Keery Twins

    We caught up with two of our favourite bearded brothers – The Keery Twins. Check out this interview with them, they have some exciting plans moving forward.

    Can you try to give our readers a bit of a background about both of you, a quick spill about things you are into?

    We opened the first global Cereal Cafe on Brick lane, London in December 2014, The Cereal Killer Cafe sells over 100 global cereals from around the world. With a 2nd Cafe opening in Camden in May 2015, and cookbook released in October 2015, you could say we’ve had a pretty busy year.

    Being twins, do you often know what the other one is thinking?

    We don’t have super powers like that unfortunately, although i can usually tell when Gary is hungry, it’s almost always just before he eats.

    Keery twins

    We see you both sport some fine facial hair, was this a joint decision?

    Being a twin, its handy to see if hair styles or clothes look good on you, so when i fashioned a beard, Gary knew I looked awesome so followed suit.

    Can you try to take us through your daily routine when it comes to beard care? Do you use products like oils and waxes?

    Always give the beard a shampoo in the shower, then if it’s a special occasion, the beard oil comes out.

    Do you have any specific brands that you prefer? We are guessing you both use the same products?

    Weve been using products from “The Belfast Beard Company‘, they were a gift for xmas, and much more useful than a pair of santa socks.

    Kerry Twins

    Moving onto the cafe, how did you come up with the idea for the Cereal Killer Cafe? Was it over breakfast one morning?

    The idea was born during a hangover one day, we fancied a bowl of cereal while out one afternoon in Shoreditch. When we realised you couldn’t sit down in a cafe and get a sugar fix. we realised we need to do something about it. BTW we don’t usually have such great ideas when hungover.

    Do you have a top-selling cereal and milk combination?

    Our most popular cereal cocktail is the Chocopottomus, it’s a mix of krave, coco pops, a happy hippo, and chocolate milk. it look like a hippo having a swim in a swamp, a chocolate lover dream.

    Who is the most famous person that has come into your shop?

    We had dave franco pop in once, he’s alot smaller in real life, like a lego mini figure.

    Finally, what’s next for the Keery twins?

    Weve got a few plans for the cafe this year, including some international stores opening, the first will be in the UAE, then we hope to open some more UK stores. Lets say we have some “trix’ up our sleeves, get it?

    keery twins
    keery twins

    Check out their social media here –

    Instagram @TheKeeryTwins
    and Facebook The Keery Twins
     The Cereal Killer Cafe is located 139 Brick Lane, London.


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