James Elmore

    We caught up with one of our favourite Instagram bearded brother’s James Elmore, he is a part time inked and bearded model who we are expecting big things from in 2015!

    Can you try to give our readers a bit of a background on yourself, a quick spill about things you are into?

    I’m James Elmore, I’m 27 years old and I’m a leisure manager from Manchester. I model part time for some independent clothing brands as well as a couple of local businesses and have been doing this for a couple of years now. I’m big into fitness and train 5 times a week as well as playing 5 a side football, I actually used to play semi-professional football until I had a bad injury and had to have a knee reconstruction, this put a stop to that!

    We have seen on Instagram that you have lots of tattoos, do they all have meaning behind them? Do you have a favourite?

    I started off with my first 3 tattoos having meanings to them, especially my chest piece. Since then I guess I caught the bug. I think once my owl on my stomach is finished it will be my favourite piece. Looking to definitely add more to the collection!!

    Any other interests? We see you are into your fitness and health.

    Other interests include fashion, comedy and a good ole knees up! Beer is my best friend!

    Can you try to take us through your daily routine when it comes to beard care? Do you use products like oils and waxes? Do you have any specific brands that you prefer?

    I use beard oils, balms and waxes on a daily routine. The brands I have used have all been of high quality and all have had elements which I have enjoyed, including texture and smell. Apothecary87, Fellowseg, Bladeshunner, Brothers Artisan Oil & The Bearded Man Co

    Do you trim and maintain your facial hair on your own, or do you only let your barber handle it? Who is your ‘go to’ guy for trimming and maintenance?

    I have clippers and hair trimmers to maintain my facial hair but for a good line up, trim and steam shave I go and see ‘The Beard Doctor’ at Tropical Palms in Droylsden Manchester.

    Do you feel as though your beard has helped launched you into modelling?

    I think with the current trends etc, the beard spearheaded me into my first shoot, then after shaving my beard off… (don’t ask) I was approached to do some work without the beard. I then did a shoot with Tropical Palms as the beard was growing back.

    It has probably had a massive part in the work I have been involved in so far, but I’d like to think its not the only thing I have going for me (a man can hope)

    If you could work with any photographer in the world right now, who would you choose?

    To be honest, I would be happy to work with anyone. I’m no big time Charlie and don’t pretend to be, so I don’t mind at all, within reason of course….

    How would you describe your style?

    I wouldn’t say I have a particular style, obviously people will put me in the beard and ink category because of the way I look, but in terms of clothing I have an array of different styles of clothing! I like to keep my options open…

    You seem to be finding yourself in a transition of sorts, what’s next for James Elmore? Any big plans in the works?

    There’s a few things in the pipeline that I can’t really mention at the moment. Id love to get involved with more photographers, companies and brands and just carry on having fun really. I’m very much open to suggestions and don’t want to rule myself out for anything!

    What is the one bearded piece of wisdom you would like to share with our readers?

    In the melody of Frozen…’Let it grow, Let it growwww’

    Lastly, which are your favourite Instagram pages that you can’t live without?


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