Cirque Alfonse Circus Company

    Hot on the heels of a critically acclaimed European premier in Edinburgh this year, Canadian Circus company Cirque Alfonse will headline the London Wonderground with the spectacularly raucous and sexy cabaret BARBU in Summer 2016.

    Following a storming run at Underbelly’s new Circus Hub venue this summer, the first major venue dedicated solely to circus at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, BARBU will run from Wednesday 15 June until Sunday 25 September 2016. Tickets are on sale now.  The show is suitable for ages 16+ and has a running time of 75 minutes, tickets can ben booked here

    We were lucky enough to catch up with some of the main bearded cast members (special shoot-out to all the other cast members also, they do an amazing job!) –

    Antoine Carabinier Lépine

    Born in the small town of St-Alphonse-Rodriguez, Antoine is a member of the 12th generation of a prestigious family of wallpaper hangers. Just as hair started to appear on his chin, he left home to seek his fortune in the chic area of Hochelaga. For 7 years, he devoted himself to growing his beard in the Joliette metro station. His efforts were rewarded when none other than Bouboule discovered him and took him under his wing. Together, they travel the world in search of the best tasting beer.

    Antoine Carabinier LÇpine Credit Frederic Barrette

    Jonathan Casaubon

    Born from a cracked ostrich egg and adopted by an African family, Jonathan makes a living by picking up coconuts for a company named Malibu. Following a fall from his favourite coconut tree, he was promoted to the position of kiwi shaver. His obsession with hair dates back to that time.
    Jo d’Abit

    Jonathan Casaubon Credit Frederic Barrette

    Francis Roberge

    Francis was born in a remote valley called Tewkesbury. A trapper father and a surrogate mother raised him in a yurt. At the first sign of peach fuzz, he was already extremely competent with a razor blade. Over time, he sculpted a facial decoration worthy of the name. Always in search of adventure, this woven-sashed warrior is relentlessly trying to find the most delectable brandy to fill his barrel.
    Frank the tank

    Francis Roberge Credit Frederic Barrette

    Matias Salmenaho

    With Siamese and Angora parents, it’s no wonder that Matias’ fur has shades of both brown beer and ivory. After a brief childhood in the Saguenay region, he began his artistic endeavours dancing the tango in a G-string. This was followed by 7 years of meticulous studies at the International School of Selfies (these are still considered his golden years). Matias now dreams of a life devoted to growing poisonous plants.

    Lucas Jolly

    Born in Dijon, France to a prison guard from Burgundy for a father and a balding opera singer for a mother, this snail quickly broke away from his shell. Watch out when he loses his temper! He studied cross-dressing pantomime for many years before becoming the assistant of the world’s most shabby and destitute magician. Dreaming of a warmer climate, he arrived in Montréal in 1999. The hairiest part of his body? The tips of his toes.

    Lucas Jolly Credit Frederic Barrette

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