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    We were lucky enough to be invited to the grand opening of the second Johnny’s Chops Shop Barbers launch in London (33 Marshall Street to be exact). The event promised a high quality barbering experience as well as a chance to meet the founders of this flagship barbershop.

    The event was a success and our team enjoyed every second of it, we were greeted by a very friendly shop team who offered a free beer as well as a quick tour of the new store.

    We were then treated to a beard trim – one of the best trims that we have had, fantastic attention to detail and high quality service with a bit of banter thrown in (the perfect mix). The night of the opening coincided with the GQ style night and to not miss out on the opportunity, Johnny’s Chop Shop literally setup shop on Carnaby street giving free hair and beard trims to the public.

    They also recently released a range of affordable men’s stylish grooming products including – shampoo, dry shampoo, hairspray, grooming cream, hair gel, texturizing spray, shave foam, face balm, beard oil, pomade and hair clay. Referencing the vintage American imagery, the brand identity is a fusion of 1950s and 1960s retro style and modern-day trend.

    johnny's chop shop

    We must admit that this collection is one of the coolest set of grooming products that we have seen, beautifully designed with stunning typography offset with neon highlights and masculine aesthetics.

    All of these products have been thoroughly tested by barbers and consumers alike, with the purpose of giving young fashionable men the sharpest look with minimal effort. The products have grown so popular that Boots now stock them nationwide, correct us if we are wrong but this is the first time that we have seen men’s dry shampoo and beard oil publicly available nationwide within a high street chain.

    We were lucky enough to try a few of their products, check out our quick reviews below –

    Beard Oil

    We all know that the beard oil market has become pretty saturated over the past few years, following the meteoric trends in beards and facial hair. That said, we were excited to see how a non scented beard oil could shake up the market and this oil does exactly that.

    The core oils are sweet almond, olive, wheat germ and apricot kernel – combined they offer a very light consistency which provides nourishment and shine, whilst deeply conditioning the beard root to tip. There is a slight scent to the oil but it does label itself as unscented, is most definitely deserves a place on the grooming shelf and we highly recommend it.

    johnny's chop shop

    Dry Shampoo

    If you have never come across dry shampoo before, it is a type of shampoo that reduces hair greasiness without the need for water, all locked into an aerosol can.

    Predominately used by women, this new Hobo Hair men’s dry shampoo helps absorb your hairs natural oils to revamp style between washes. This light scented shampoo is great for festivals and travels and fits perfectly into a travel bag, we think this is going to be hit with men (and women too).

    johnny's chop shop

    Wild Cat

    Their wild cat hair clay is a strong holding matte clay which includes beeswax and sage leaf extract to help condition and protect your hair whilst providing a super firm hold.

    We found that compared to other clays on the market, this gave a super hold to last through the day without the need to reapply. It Is perfect to use on those days which continue into the night, you only need to use a small amount which means the 70g pot lasts a few months.

    johnny's chop shop

    Make sure you give them a like on Facebook @johnnyschopshopbarbers as well as a follow on Instagram @johnnyschopshopbarbers. If you were interested in buying any of the products above, you can visit their shop here or check them out on or in Boots where their full range is available.


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