Drakes Of London

    We were invited to the Drakes of London Tower Hill branch, London to experience one of their infamous beard trims and grooming experiences. Drakes was founded in 2004 by owner Ray Khanpur with the intention of providing the best men’s haircuts and grooming service. We will get on to the skills of their barbers later in the article but they take pride in their high level of service and training which stretches beyond the industry standard.

    Over the years they have been featured in publications such as Esquire, GQ, The Evening Standard, Metro, Men’s Health, Mail on Sunday and The Times. We are delighted that TheBeardMag will be associated with these high quality publications.

    Drakes of London The trim itself started with a hot towel massage to help soften the beard and open up the pores of the skin, this is a vital stage for the barber to understand how to shape the beard correctly. We then laid back and allowed the barber to take control of our beard requirements, delicately trimming through the use of combs, clippers and scissors. Drakes have a deep understand of facial hair and know that beards come in all shapes and sizes. They pride themselves on offering a hand guided trim to suit each individual client. The trim lasted about 15 minutes and the results were spectacular, exactly what we were looking for!

    We had our trim with Adam who is a Master Barber, we actually think he should be renamed the ‘King Barber’ as he has incredible knowledge of beards, hair, skincare and grooming. TheBeardMag is selective of our barbershop reviews and Adam proved why Drakes deserved this feature; he was very friendly, courteous and talked through every stage of the beard trim with intricate detail. One thing that we loved was his willingness to offer guidance and support for all things hair and skin related!

    Drakes of London

    Drakes offers a full range of men’s grooming treatments and services: everything from waxing to laser hair removal. For those of you with peeking grey hair, we definitely recommend their discreet colour camouflage hair treatment which subtly brings your hair back to it’s original colour. Another great thing that Drakes do is offer a loyalty programme; you collect a stamp for each visit and after you have collected 9 stamps, the cut is on them! We know you will love their service but this is a great way to save some money.

    Our review was from their Tower Hill store located within Trade Union but you can also visit their flagship store is in Fulham. Be sure to book in a trim with them, making sure that you mention TheBeardMag.

    Drakes of London

    Drakes of London

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