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TheBeardMag.com is a website dedicated entirely to the celebration of the beard. If you are a beard loving sisters of beard yielding brother, we feel that our site will have everything for you.
family camping
Camping is one of those outdoor activities that have multiple physical, emotional, and social benefits. When done with family, it promotes bonding and strengthens relationships. Especially when planned well, camping is full of fun and leaves the campers with memorable experiences that they can share for the...
hulii phone unboxing and review
Thinking of buying a new phone but want to avoid a costly upfront fee or a long term contract with interest? You should think about getting a refurbished phone
man struggling to concentrate at work
Men are also at risk of developing different hormonal imbalances. In this guide, we let you know what symptoms to look for and how to treat them
two men in trendy clothes
SS19 for men’s streetwear is becoming an interesting prospect. With that in mind, we take a look at some of the factors and trends that will play a part in SS19.
ellie mccann
We caught up with Ellie McCann, a Master Barber from Cornwall who loves the social life of barbering and the shop that she runs with her partner.
photo of the bearded dave miller
We caught up with Dave Miller, a mature bearded gentleman who has become a local celebrity through his well groomed beard and effortless style.
couple in love sitting on bench
Got a match and arranged a date? Here are five useful tips on how to impress your Tinder date on the first date, so check them out and get down to business!
group of men talking
Raising testosterone levels is the key to getting a thicker and healthier beard. Here is a short helpful guide on fenugreek and its effects on your beard.
bearded man looking at a small burger
If you are hunting down a regular and straightforward path to accelerate beard development, have a go at adding these 5 foods into your eating regimen
bottom half of man standing
Not only will taking good care of your shoes help make them both look as well as feel better, but it'll also help you ensure those said shoes last longer.